December's Treat - Carmireli

Being that It's December, I'm used to bundling up & trying to stay warm. Right now I find myself trying to cool off while in the presence of the hot & sexy Carmireli. I quickly learned that this beauty is not just looks, she's an actress & singer as well. So join me as I sit down with this multi talented angel & you'll see why she was chosen as December's Monthly Treat. Oh yeah, don't forget to turn your AC on because Carmireli is definitely HOT! Happy Holidays...

Interview by Hasan Johnson

November's Treat - Kristina Divine

November we are thankful to have so many treats across the table, we’ve been around the world (and I, I, I). This month Kristina Divine visits us from the DMV to keep us thankful for candy of all colors. She’s representing the aphrodisiac nobody can resist, the chocolate candy. She’s not just a pretty face who’s been seen in videos (Pretty Ricky Feat Jodeci, Custo, & Mike Love). This 34-25-43 bombshell is also studying child psychology at Morgan State. Working with children with disabilities has blessed her with much Patience and humility. She enjoys clubs, sporting events, movies, theater, music, night clubs, and other social gatherings. No woman likes a liar, she’s likes a romantic guy who can make her feel good in every way. Happy Thanksgiving, and cheers to a "Divine" year.

Interviewed by T.Mill - Twitter.com/tmill205   Tmillonline.com

October's Treat - Aylaiia

Some say the internet is a great way of meeting people, some say it's a haven for liars and stalkers. Well no matter how you view the world wide web just know they're some people on there that are the real deal. And with saying that, I want you guys to meet Aylaiia.
Aylaiia is a beautiful model with a bright yet outspoken nature. She's actually someone I had the pleasure of meeting on the internet. If you can get passed the beautiful face & sexy swag, you'll see Aylaiia is smart, funny & very focused. So join me as I chop it up with this Brazilian beauty, as she proves what I've always said.... some people on the internet are the real deal.

Interview by Hasan Johnson

Septembers Treat - iKandy

In honor of “National Honey Month” (Its legit, google it) we deliver an unforgettable treat. This month we’re jigging to the Big Easy, and our hostess is the one and only iKandy. A young passionate activist of Cambodian rights & director of volunteers for “Strengthening Cambodian Communities Project“ (SCC). She’s sure to put Cambodia back on the map and witness its glory return.  For over 3 years she’s been spreading awareness of her homeland and what better way than also being a spokes model for Cambodia’s first National Baseball Team. This may be the sweetest, healthiest candy we’ve
delivered yet! Enjoy...

    Interview by T.Mill (http://www.tmillonline.com)
                                            (Photos by CE Wiley. Graphics by L.C.X Graphics)

August Treat - Venus De' Milo

This month we’re taking you on a trip, from Brooklyn N.Y all the way to the planet of
“Venus De Milo”
Puerto Rican / Colombian atmosphere,  longitude latitude at 36-29-40 across this brick house vixen. Whether she's cooking, writing poetry or enjoying a nice glass of wine, this beauty does everything to perfection. So if you're new to Ha Candy, hold your breath and hold on tight...commence take off to the world of “Venus De Milo!”
Interviewed by - T.Mill - tmillonline.com

Ha Candy - Welcome Venus De Milo, thank you for being Hasan's "Monthly Treat," lets do this...

Venus De Milo -  Yes let's do it!

Ha Candy - How long have you been modeling, and what are some of your favorite shoots?

Venus De Milo -  2 years now... My b-day cake shoot was very messy and my pin up shoot was fun, but it was great!

Ha Candy - What does modeling mean to you?

Venus De Milo -  It's not all about looking sexy in front of the lens.. With modeling you have to connect with the camera well.. Anybody can be pretty but not everybody can take good pics.

July's Treat - The All American Dream Girl

Happy 4th of July my loyal Ha Candy viewers! When you think of Independence Day you think of America, you think of heat, you think of fireworks. Well now you'll think of the  Natalie Brown a.k.a The All American Dream Girl! This lovely young woman has served our country & now she's serving the L.C Experience with her beauty and a great one on one interview. So let's get to know her & find out why she's called the All American Dream Girl...

June's Treat - Sophia Rosado

The “Boogie Down” Bronx is well-known for producing Latin superstars such as Fat Joe and Jennifer Lopez. We bring to you the latest product of the BX, yes Sophia Rosado is her name and If you have that nagging feeling that you’ve seen her somewhere before, it was probably while watching music video's or even flipping the pages of some well known magazines.. This Puerto Rican diva is all over and gracing the net with her beauty. She is no stranger to the limelight, this alluring siren makes a living partying with the stars! Delve into one model’s life in the flashing lights as we explore Sophia Rosado’s thirst for the glamor life. If you could only ask her 10 questions what would they be? Well our writer T.Mill got that chance so lets see what he asked....and how she answered!

May's Treat - Basia

This is BASIA, 36-24-36 beautiful young woman that has a passion for modeling. She is very eye catching and camera-friendly. Basia has a very diverse background, she is Native American, Irish, Latina and Black. Basia is not shy when it comes to the camera, she has been in front of the camera since she was three years old. BASIA has a love for dancing as she has danced my most of her life. She has traveled in the USA performing many styles of dance and has achieved numerous awards and trophies for the art.

Interview by T. Mill