May's Treat - Basia

This is BASIA, 36-24-36 beautiful young woman that has a passion for modeling. She is very eye catching and camera-friendly. Basia has a very diverse background, she is Native American, Irish, Latina and Black. Basia is not shy when it comes to the camera, she has been in front of the camera since she was three years old. BASIA has a love for dancing as she has danced my most of her life. She has traveled in the USA performing many styles of dance and has achieved numerous awards and trophies for the art.

Interview by T. Mill

Ha Candy - What do you enjoy about modeling?

Basia - Modeling to me is just another art form and i love art so i try to express art in many ways, writing, acting, modeling, dancing, anything creative.

Ha Candy - You've danced all over the USA with different styles. Tell us a little about that?

Basia - Yes, I was in a dance company and every style of dance was incorporated: jazz, tap, lyrical, hip-hop, ballet, pointe, gymnastics, modern. The list goes on and on, the biggest trip was Las Vegas at 14 year old, I turned 15 on the trip. It was a very successful trip, I love traveling, site seeing, the food! All the buffets that were 99cents but they charged you with expensive drinks. lol I learned after the first meal to order a cup of water as a beverage. haha.

Ha Candy - Tell me about your favorite attended event? 

Basia - I went to an event this month to watch my friend/comedian Terry Jones perform crackrocks live. It was hilarious and I had a great time. link to crackrocks HERE

Ha Candy -Your ethnicity is very diverse Native American, Irish, Latina and Black. An elegant attractive mixture. Which is the dominant personality 

Basia - Thank you. I represent all, I wouldn't say one takes over more. I over flow with all of them. Its a hot headed mixture and being a Leo doesn't help. haha. I am very proud of who I am.

Ha Candy - Any bad business experiences? 

Basia - Oh yes! Ive had people who have "tried" to scam me, but I'm a smart girl so that never went the way they planned.


Ha Candy - Where on all that body do you hide 26 piercings and how many more to go?  

Basia - I will say that if you see me in person the most you will see is 3 out of 26. I haven't gotten any piercings at all this year! It's really tempting and hard not to rush in a shop and get one, but I'm trying to space it out. The most I've gotten in one sitting at a shop is 8. I will probably have 29-31 by the time I am done.

Ha Candy - Some people take beauty for weakness or advantage, how do you keep everyone focused on your ability and not just your looks.

Basia - I find intelligence the most attractive feature a person has, its not JUST about the looks, so I always get across that I'm more than just how I look. Beauty is never a weakness if you portray it the right way.  

Ha Candy - Who's your favorite photographer to shoot with?

Basia - I always use Jordan Beckham as my photography. I love his work and creativity. JordanBeckham.com

Ha Candy - Whats your best physical feature?

Basia - I am short, but I have some long legs! I like them. Haha. I also love my hair and high cheekbones.

Basia can talk about music all day long and she has some of the funniest stories about stalkers, pimps, haters, and even turning down offers for "the casting couch". She doesn't have to sleep around just to make it in this business. She doesn't care about what you can do for her if you're not professional. One of her dream shoots would be in Greece, but she must bring along the people she cares about, laptop with charger, cell phone with charger, seafood, reese's cups and music.

Ha Candy - Many women want to be a model, What does modeling mean to you?

Basia - Modeling to me is an art form and if you love art and want to be art, then this might be what you want to do. A lot of girls ask me all the time how can I get started in modeling and I really don't recommended it, just because of the people who want to take advantage of young girls and women. Modeling is/should be a profession not a bordello.

Ha Candy - As a fellow Leo I must ask, do you believe in astrology.

Basia - Leos are the best! I love astrology and Greek Mythology, but I'm not big on horoscopes. Its amusing to read but i don't believe in horoscopes. I do gravitate to people depending on their signs and i do NOT get along wit scorpios and very few Geminis

Ha Candy - What do you like best in a man/woman. What are your turn ons and turn offs? What do you like best in a man/woman?

Basia - I love both, so I will say intelligence once again. Turn ons- gorgeous teeth, tall, dark hair, handsome, smart, great personality, creative/artistic.
Turn offs- cocky, an asshole, disrespectful to anyone; especially women, douchebag, into yourself, arrogant = all to thee above

Ha Candy - What song do you sing when nobody's looking?

Basia - I sing one of the McDonalds commericals. haha " I woke up and found you creeping *tip toe* ooo girl i know your secret *you dippin on me?* got that mc nuggin lovin. it just aint fair!!! Why cant you share your love with me? Girl you gotta 10 pc now dont be stingy" I actually sang the song and sent it to my best friend, dominque as a prank.

Ha Candy - Whats a little known fact about you?

Basia - I have a birth mark my left thumb in the shape of the ways I make question marks, its even has the dot. I think it means unpredictable.

Ha Candy - If they named a drink in the club after you what would it be called and the ingredients.

Basia - I'd want it be be called "Basia" and Vodka must be in it, but you can add whatever you want in it as long as its 95 percent vodka. Haha

Ha Candy - Who's your hero?

Basia - My mom and Grandma.

Ha Candy - Whats your favorite bedroom pj's?

Basia - Shorts and tight tee. If it's summer then nude

Ha Candy - Whats your favorite curse word?

Basia - I don't wanna say it. lol It's really bad..."fuck" "dick" "cunt"

Ha Candy - Last but not least any last words or advice for aspiring models?
Basia - I always say "everything happens for a reason, good or bad." If it doesn't make sense now it will when you're older. If you are interested in modeling, just know about the shady people in the business and be smart about the decisions you make because one day you might want children and you don't want to be apart of anything that you won't want your children seeing or knowing about.

Thank you for chopping it up with us, and we wish you continued success...
Basia is an old school romantic, who still remembers her first kiss.
Forget the workouts and diets, she maintains a seductive shape of 36-24-36 by dancing and sports, did we forget to mention, Resse's cups? She spends her free time relaxing, watching a lot of movies, hanging with friends, & spending time with her boyfriend, (yeah we know DAMN! lol) writing, & sleeping. This former tomboy still loves video games and has never been in a fist fight. 

Check out her blogs & Ustream shows, (A.k.a."B Nympho) and you'll discover what separates her from all the competition.

Interview by T. Mill

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