July's Treat - The All American Dream Girl

Happy 4th of July my loyal Ha Candy viewers! When you think of Independence Day you think of America, you think of heat, you think of fireworks. Well now you'll think of the  Natalie Brown a.k.a The All American Dream Girl! This lovely young woman has served our country & now she's serving the L.C Experience with her beauty and a great one on one interview. So let's get to know her & find out why she's called the All American Dream Girl...

                                                                                       Interviewed by - T.mill - tmillonline.com

Hey All American dream girl, welcome to Ha Candy Where did the name come from?

A A Dream Girl - The name " All American Dream Girl came from basically a break down! I served 6 years in the military so that's where the All American came from and the Dream Girl came from just so many men telling me that I was different and that I was there dream or ideal wifey material!

Ha Candy - Besides modeling you also host tv shows, and host events. What are some of your favorites?

A A Dream Girl - Some of my favorites would be me Co Hosting a radio show with my homie Cool V! Each and every Tuesday we have something called "Tip Drill Tuesday!" Great conversation and relaxing music! I love hosting events also of course, also hosting mixtapes and things like that, but the radio show is my favorite probably.

Ha Candy - Every man has a dream girl, who's your dream man?

A A Dream Girl - My dream man would be someone who is handsome, must know how to dress, nice body, smart, creative, romantic and someone that can make me laugh and keep the spark of love flowing!

Ha Candy - What separates you from other models?

A A Dream Girl - I hear that I am a model with a personality! So many people have come to me and told me that there are a lot of female models that are either stuck up or think that they just own the world. However when they talk to me, they say I am easy to talk to and just really down to earth. So to answer your question, I am always true to myself and never forget who gave me this talent. My heavenly father!

Ha Candy - Whats the hardest thing about modeling?

A A Dream Girl - The hardest thing would be getting yourself known because so many girls, not "Women" have slept around and gave the modeling industry a bad name so now everyone expects you to do the same! When you dont take that route it takes longer to get noticed but in the end you'll know that you were truthful to yourself.

Ha Candy - What type of shoots do you like best?

A A Dream Girl - I love shooting anything that is different and creative! I love my lingerie looks of course but I love shooting fully clothed too! Clothes can also be sexy if worn the right way.

Ha Candy - ok lets have some fun, keep it 100 because your in the hot seat. lol

A A Dream Girl - Oh goodness! Alright I already know where this is gong but i'll keep it 100 with you! lol.

Ha Candy - What do you like most in a man/woman?

A A Dream Girl - What I like most in a man, hmmm, to be honest with you, I love a man who can make me melt with just kissing me the right way. If I had to mention a woman, I would say a woman who is strong minded and can hokd her own. Independant and goal oriented is a plus always in a woman.

Ha Candy - Whats your favorite bedroom PJ's?

A A Dream Girl - I am a T-Shirt and Boy Shorts kind of girl! Lngerie is worn to but gotta be for the right person and the right time.

Ha Candy - what songs do you sing when nobody's around.

A A Dream Girl - I sing a lot of R&B songs. You know Ciara, Avant, Silk, of couse Janet Jackson also just to name a few.

Ha Candy - Any hidden talents?

A A Dream Girl - I can do a some gymnastics! I used to do that stuff when I was little lol.

Ha Candy -If your lover were candy what candy would he or she be?

A A Dream Girl - I would say a Jolly Rancher cause they stay hard and never get soft on you! LOL!

Thank you All American Dream Girl for making all of our dreams come true.

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