August Treat - Venus De' Milo

This month we’re taking you on a trip, from Brooklyn N.Y all the way to the planet of
“Venus De Milo”
Puerto Rican / Colombian atmosphere,  longitude latitude at 36-29-40 across this brick house vixen. Whether she's cooking, writing poetry or enjoying a nice glass of wine, this beauty does everything to perfection. So if you're new to Ha Candy, hold your breath and hold on tight...commence take off to the world of “Venus De Milo!”
Interviewed by - T.Mill - tmillonline.com

Ha Candy - Welcome Venus De Milo, thank you for being Hasan's "Monthly Treat," lets do this...

Venus De Milo -  Yes let's do it!

Ha Candy - How long have you been modeling, and what are some of your favorite shoots?

Venus De Milo -  2 years now... My b-day cake shoot was very messy and my pin up shoot was fun, but it was great!

Ha Candy - What does modeling mean to you?

Venus De Milo -  It's not all about looking sexy in front of the lens.. With modeling you have to connect with the camera well.. Anybody can be pretty but not everybody can take good pics.

Ha Candy - Many women think they have what it takes to be a model/ or eye candy, what would you suggest for anyone interested in modeling?

Venus De Milo -  Just be yourself and do what you can. Don't try to hard. It's not cute.

Ha Candy -  Where did the name come from?

Venus De Milo -  (lol) Honestly I'm a big Simpsons fan and the name came from an episode when homer was trying to steal a very rare and expensive gummy called the gummy Venus De Milo and from there it kinda just stuck :)

Ha Candy - In 5 years, where will you be?

Venus De Milo - Successful no matter what!

Ha Candy - You've got a great style and taste. Where do you like to shop .

Venus De Milo -  Hmmm any store as long as they have cute stuff that I can rock.

Ha Candy - What makes you decide to work with a photographer, what do you look for?

Venus De Milo -  I definitely look for how we communicate, they’re portfolio must have respect. I don't mess around with that. I'm about my business and that's it.

Ha Candy - Finish these sentences. Biggest turn ons  in a man/woman is...

Venus - Swag. smells good, good dresser, and a great sense of humor

Ha Candy - Bedroom Turn ons...

Venus - Biting, kissing, hair pulling.. ahhh
yeah lol

Ha Candy - Bedroom Turn offs...

Venus - Bragging but coming up short

Ha Candy - I can't live without...

Venus - My cat

Ha Candy - When i was younger...

Venus -  I would def do things different

Ha Candy - I will never... 

Venus - Say never

Ha Candy - I hate it when...

Venus - people lie!

Ha Candy - I Wish to...

Venus -  have powers.

Ha Candy - Your in healthy shape and very attractive, how do you maintain it?

Venus De Milo - Honestly I don't beat myself crazy at the gym. I do my Pilate's, lil' Cardio and I'm done :)

Ha Candy - If your lover were candy what would he or she be?

Venus De Milo -  Skittles!  Taste the rainbow :D

Ha Candy - Thank you Venus, this was an out of this world experience.

Venus welcomes you to her world - http://www.adoseofvenus.com

Ha Candy - Any shout outs ?

Venus De Milo -  Shouts outs to everyone that believed in me and the fans that adore me, Thank you! Shout out to HA Candy for this interview.. Ooo and shout out to the haters that hate that I'm here.. Muahz! :)