October's Treat - Aylaiia

Some say the internet is a great way of meeting people, some say it's a haven for liars and stalkers. Well no matter how you view the world wide web just know they're some people on there that are the real deal. And with saying that, I want you guys to meet Aylaiia.
Aylaiia is a beautiful model with a bright yet outspoken nature. She's actually someone I had the pleasure of meeting on the internet. If you can get passed the beautiful face & sexy swag, you'll see Aylaiia is smart, funny & very focused. So join me as I chop it up with this Brazilian beauty, as she proves what I've always said.... some people on the internet are the real deal.

Interview by Hasan Johnson

Ha Candy - Just so you know, this is my first time interviewing a "Monthly Treat" so be gentle with me ok? lol

Aylaiia - lol, I'm glad you chose me to take your virginity lol!. I'll be nice :)

Ha Candy - I choose what girls make the cut, I never interview them! You must be special...

Aylaiia - Special can mean so many things when describing me,lol, but I'm happy that I stood out to you.

Ha Candy - What made you want to get into modeling?

Aylaiia - I've always been a slender girl so I pursued fashion/print but was never tall enough to make it full time. A few of the main photographers in the urban industry spotted me and decided I had a "look" that was different and I've been doing it ever since.

Ha Candy - Where are you from?

Aylaiia - Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

Ha Candy - How long have you been in the modeling game?

Aylaiia - 2 years, I'm still a rookie in this world

Ha Candy - The word sexy means different things to different people, what's sexy to you?

Aylaiia - Sexy to me is your level of self confidence and how you let yourself be interpreted. I've always lived by the motto that life is 90% perception and 10% reality, tell me and show me you're sexy and I'll naturally believe it.

Ha Candy - You're a very beautiful woman, I know you've heard almost every pick up line imaginable, what's the worst?

Aylaiia - " I got endless money if you just give me the time", never approach me like you can buy me. This isn't pretty woman, you aren't Richard Gere and I'm not Julia Roberts lol.

Ha Candy - What turns you on in a man or woman? (what ever your preference is lol)

Aylaiia - Physically a nice body with a gorgeous smile. Mix that with a sense of humor and some intelligence and Im sold!

Ha Candy - The people may not know this but I actually met you on Twitter, do you consider yourself a Twitter Junkie lol?

Aylaiia - lmao hmm, sometimes. I tweet on the go alot, it's rare I'm on via web so in between flights, parenting and my daily shenanigans- I tweet.

Ha Candy - You're really outspoken & funny on Twitter, are you like that in person?

Aylaiia - Yeah, not the sexual side though lol, but Im extremely outspoken. I should get my mother to co-sign this! lol

Ha Candy - Would you date someone you met on Twitter/facebook?

Aylaiia - I wouldn't look for it but I wouldn't turn it down completely. 

Ha Candy -  Why/why not?

Aylaiia - You never know where you will meet the person made for you.
Ha Candy - If you were dating someone, how long will you make them wait before you get physical?

Aylaiia - Whenever we become exclusive

Ha Candy - If you could get with any entertainer, who would it be?

Aylaiia - I have a crush on Idris Elba, he is so damn delicious to me! lol

Ha Candy - What's your favorite type of music?

Aylaiia - I love classical/jazz/neo soul music.

Ha Candy -  So if you were setting up a romantic evening a home, what song would you play to get you & your "special someone" in the mood?

Aylaiia - Sade- is it a crime, her voice is so mellow and her band on this song plays at the perfect tempo.  
Ha Candy - If you had to compare yourself to any type of candy, what would you be?

Aylaiia - sour patch kid! Im a sweetheart but I can be bitter at times.

Ha Candy - Well thank you Aylaiia for taking the time to kick it with me, I appreciate it and I'm sure my Ha Candy followers do too. Do you have any shout outs? Let the people know where they can find you

Aylaiia - No shout outs but thank you to HA Candy for asking to feature me and to my followers for supporting a newcomer like myself. You can find me on twitter at @aylaiia and my personal website coming mid November.