November's Treat - Kristina Divine

November we are thankful to have so many treats across the table, we’ve been around the world (and I, I, I). This month Kristina Divine visits us from the DMV to keep us thankful for candy of all colors. She’s representing the aphrodisiac nobody can resist, the chocolate candy. She’s not just a pretty face who’s been seen in videos (Pretty Ricky Feat Jodeci, Custo, & Mike Love). This 34-25-43 bombshell is also studying child psychology at Morgan State. Working with children with disabilities has blessed her with much Patience and humility. She enjoys clubs, sporting events, movies, theater, music, night clubs, and other social gatherings. No woman likes a liar, she’s likes a romantic guy who can make her feel good in every way. Happy Thanksgiving, and cheers to a "Divine" year.

Interviewed by T.Mill - Twitter.com/tmill205   Tmillonline.com

Ha Candy - Welcome Kristina, its our pleasure to chop it up with you. You grew up in Bmore, what do you remember most?  Good & bad ?

K.D - NOT REALLY TO MUCH BAD GROWING UP here , but the good is all my family from Jamaica was also here very close to them.

Ha Candy - As Divine as you are, why were you so shy growing up?

K.D - I don't know i guess ugly duckling syndrome then i grew out of my tomboy ways and just took it off. lol

Ha Candy - All due respect you must have enormous patience  and on the same token we salute you for working with children with disabilities like Autism. Can you bust a few myths and share a little experience on that?

K.D - Children with autism have very high IQ actually this doesn't make them retarded in any sense. There are different levels of autism. Many are great in art, math, etc and many can speak better than me and you. Other children with severe autism may suffer with more disabilities and this can cause them to not have any speech, or staring off into space for long periods at a time. I believe more people should research Autism, it is very interesting.

Ha Candy - Do you think everyone that has kids should raise them?

K.D - Yes if they are capable to,  you layed down to make them so you should raise them .

Ha Candy - I had the pleasure of visiting the DMV, and had a great time. Where are some of your favorite spots? Personally I could drive to DC from Alabama, just to eat at Dukem for dinner lol.

K.D - Just local bars and Fridays or applebees :).

Ha Candy - Any Hidden talents?

K.D - Not really lol

Ha Candy - Since 2007 you've been modeling, has anything changed in the industry?

K.D - Yes a lot because of the recession. It’s hard for eye-candy aspiring models to get as many paid gigs.

Ha Candy - The "Video Vixen" stigma in hip hop, who's to blame the Artists or the Models?

K.D - I believe both. But it's not a huge problem its a form of entertainment. Don't wanna see it change the channel feel me?

Ha Candy - Do you have a fantasy photo shoot (We don't mean nasty, unless you're Ms.Jackson lol)

K.D - I wanna do a shoot where I'm in a pool but it is filled with milk. With long
 flowing black milk and I'm naked in it, pretty sexy chocolate milk…lol.

Ha Candy - If you could change one thing in the modeling industry what would it be?

K.D - More dark skinned models getting more respect we are just as sexy if not more.

Ha Candy - Fill in the blanks...
- When I was younger… ?
K.D - I loved to listen to the Michael Jackson BAD album
- Most Women...?
K.D - Talk about other women when they face their insecurities.
- My favorite Curse word is…?
K.D -  Bitch

Ha Candy - The fans want to know, If your lover were a piece of candy what would he or she be?

K.D - A  twix candy bar. yummm

Ha Candy - Any shout outs?

K.D - Yes to my manager DNA, Tony Watson photographer mommy, God and all my supporters

Ha Candy - Thank you for this awesome interview, we wish you all the success.

K.D - Thank u for the interest.. muah!!!!

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