January's Treat - Solo

Remember 3’s Company? What guy didn’t want to be Jack Tripper? lol.
Our treat this month doesn’t need the roommates, accomplices, or teammates. She’s Solo but trust me, you wouldn’t want to leave her alone. It's amazing how this tomboy who enjoyed going to the gun range & working at the Military health services grew into this flexible chocolate frame who loves to cuddle in the winter. While she's waiting for her vacation to the Fiji Islands, let's show some love to the beautiful Solo...

Interview by T.Mill http://www.tmillonline.com

Ha Candy - Whats the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Solo- You're the truth, intelligent, love to cook and beautiful

Ha Candy - You’ve been in videos by Bobby Valentino an Nelly, Can you give a pro and con about those experiences for the aspiring model reading this.

Solo - Pro: Exposure. Con: You can be stamped as a "Video Hoe" if you act like one in the video. Thank god I know better and didn't lol

Ha Candy - Fill in the blanks...
Favorite curse word...
Solo - BITCH!
Hidden talent...
Solo - Acting
When nobody’s looking I like to sing...
Solo - C-H-O-P-P-E R-Ra lol just playing

Ha Candy - Ok you're the president of models worldwide, whats the first thing on your agenda?


Ha Candy - Whats your favorite video?

Solo - Nelly feat. Pharrell "Let It Go Lil Mama" cause I was in it

Ha Candy - To the girl everyone calls nasty names & feels unattractive what can  you tell her? Tell her something good (or bad, we got Kleenex on deck, lol ok still no comedy tour.)

Solo - Fuck what they say, do you! God made you the way you are for a reason. Life is too short to give a fuck!!!

Ha Candy - Thanks for hanging out with us, any shout outs?

Solo- God,Teresa, Dj, Philly, C.E.Wiley, Na'tee (ICU), Mel "Paperwork504" Mackey, Jeffrey Y1's (ICU) and all of my supporters! I won't let you down.

Ha Candy - Whats next for Solo? -

Solo - Sky's the limit it's Grind time, be looking out for me everywhere cause I'm comin LEEEEEGGGGGGOOOOO

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he be & why?

Solo - Snickers because the outside would represent his nationality the caramel would be his skin tone and the Nuts would be my protection lol,wouldn't nobody play with that boy! But I'm single lol