March Treat - Cruzita

Fellas, if there were ever someone who possessed every quality that defines a 10 ("Dime" in hood terminology lol) it would be Cruzita. Passionate, talented, smart, funny & simply beautiful is just a quick way of describing this lovely ambitious young lady. I had the opportunity to sit down with Cruzita, and by the end of this interview you'll understand why I chose her as my March 2011 Monthly Treat. Enjoy...

Interview by Damon Hasan Johnson

Ha Candy - What's up Cruzita? Welcome to Ha Candy! Are you ready for us to get all up in your business? lol

Cruz -  Here goes nothing lol

Ha Candy - So how long have you been modeling & how did you get into it?

Cruz -  Does putting on fashion shows for my family count? Since 5 yrs old lol but professionally for about 6 yrs now

Ha Candy - What's your nationality?

Cruz -  Mexican American.

Ha Candy - Do you date outside of your race?

Cruz -  If you're sexy, confident (not cocky!) you might have a shot

Ha Candy - When you first start dating someone, how long does it take for him to get the "first kiss"?

Cruz - If I'm feelin' you and you make me laugh then a first date kiss isn't out of the question.

Ha Candy - How long does it take for you to get "physical"??

Cruz -  Depends on how they kiss. lol

Ha Candy - What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?

Cruz -  4 years
Ha Candy - If your man told you that you tasted like a Snickers, would you take that as a compliment? lol

Cruz -  Of course, obviously he likes caramel mmmmmmm

Ha Candy - So besides being beautiful & witty, do you have any other talents you want our readers to know about?

Cruz - You mean besides singing Chaka Khan in the shower and having Top Chef Skills in the kitchen?

Ha Candy - We all love a woman that cooks lol! If you could only have one, what would it be, love or success?

Cruz -  Love wins every time

Ha Candy - Would you ever do a reality show?
Cruz -  Yes, Millionaire Matchmaker. What girl wouldn't?

Ha Candy - What if on the show you had to be naked at some point? & we mean BUCKY NAKED! lol

Cruz -  Can't get more real than that! I love my body, so yes.

Ha Candy - Well with or without clothes just know that we love you here at Ha Candy. We wish you nothing but success. Is there anyone you want to shout out?

Cruz -  To my fans. All the people who believe in me, you know who you are.

Ha Candy - Thanks for taking the time to sit with us Cruz, hope to see you again soon

Cruz -  No, thank you and maybe you'll see me on that new hit reality show "Neked Chef"! lol Besos xxooxxx
Cruz even makes Boxing look sexy!