June's Treat - LadyFire

Ladyfire is an upcoming model on her way to taking over the entertainment industry. As part of the growing empire of Nikki Rich Models, she is taking the modeling world by storm with her personality and character. She has been featured in magazines, flyers, music videos, etc. In addition to her modeling campaign she plans on showing her girl power by introducing the world to her lip gloss, her book and her musical side with a mixtape later this year. Ladyfire is the definition of a pure flame. Her looks, personality and talents keeps her flame burning alive. So sit back because we're about to heat things up with Ladyfire. Let's go...

Ha Candy - So "LadyFire" is very original, how did you get that name?

LadyFire - When I was in High School, I always said when I'm ready to go full speed into what I want to do, I will be Fire because I'm hot!!! So that's how Ladyfire was born. lol

Ha Candy - Where are you from?

LadyFire - I am Jersey's Trophy!

Ha Candy - You're very beautiful, but looking at you I can't tell if you're a good girl or bad girl lol. Which one are you and why?

LadyFire - Well I think I'm a good girl. I love to laugh, love to just be silly and joke around, have fun, and have a good time. I always try to remain positive. Im not saying i will be at your door with a apple pie n cookies, lol, but I am the one you can come and talk to.

Ha Candy - How did you get into modeling? Is it something that you've always wanted to do?

LadyFire - I always wanted to do since 9 years old. I love Tyra and Kimora and watched them the whole time growing up. Right now I love Kim Kardashian. Her world fits me because she does great work and she is not no stick. So that pushed me more.

Ha Candy - We've been seeing a lot of you on the internet lately, how does it feel to be seen all over the net?

LadyFire - It feels good because I want everyone to know who I am and support me. This grind is very hard but I'm making it.

Ha Candy - Any stalkers yet? lol

LadyFire - lol no stalkers yet!! THANK GOD! But most of the guys respect me and show me so much love. I will enjoy that while I can. lol

Ha Candy - So we hear you have a mixtape coming out soon. What kind of music can we expect from LadyFire?
LadyFire - Yes I am working on a mixtape. I'm rapping!! Yes this face raps! lol... but my music is not gonna be all this "kill you, imma hurt you, fuck ya life," type music. I will be talking about situations that's deep, emotional, and being a good role model for my ladies out here that's going through it.  

Ha Candy - Who's your favorite Hip Hop artist?

LadyFire - Kanye West is on my top list right now.

Ha Candy - If you had to choose between modeling & music, what would it be?

LadyFire - ughhh omg.. lol. Idk I honestly would try to master both! Who said a girl had to do either or, I say we rule the world so we should do what we want!

Ha Candy - Being a beautiful talented woman in this business, has it been hard to be taken seriously?

LadyFire - Yes, well for one they try you first. They wanna see if they can sleep with you. 2, they judge ya knowledge to see if they can screw you in anyway, 3, its harder just because i feel like a female wont get the same respect as a man would in the game. And we don't. We are looked at like we some care bears or sumthing. lol... I think the industry just wants the females to cheer lead for these guys, but this male domination has to end. Shout out to Nikki Minaj for being bossed up out there.

Ha Candy - So what's next for LadyFire?

LadyFire - My music, working on my lip gloss line "Kissyface Glam Collection" , and also my book "The tears of an Inmates Wife" which is sooo sooo good. You guys have to stay posted with me. I am working so hard on my projects.

Ha Candy - Thanks you chopping it up with us for a little while, we wish you nothing but success. Any shout outs?

LadyFire - NO thank you for giving me the spotlight! Yes shout out to NIKKI RICH MODELS INC, this is my family and who I represent and watch out for our growing empire. Also special shout out to my supporters I love you guys so much, words cant express what you mean to me. Thank you. Follow me on twitter guys!!! @IAMLADYFIRE_PKF