July's Treat - Sky

Meet Sakoya a.ka. Sky, a socially-conscious, beautiful, sexy, strong willed woman who wants to change the world and make it a better place for everyone. For most of her young life, this model/singer shunned her beauty, thinking it only represented her vanity. But now she's accepted the fact that she can possibly turn her looks into a financial reward. Sky is determined to become more than just a pretty face. Although she has her seductive ways, she has brains to match. While attending medical school to become an RN, Sky is successfully taking the modeling world by storm while pursuing a singing career as well. So as the fireworks soar this 4th of July let's celebrate Sky's independence, for she is truly beautiful inside and out. Her name suits her perfectly, because the "sky" is the limit for this young talented beauty. Welcome to Ha Candy…

Interview by D. Hasan Johnson

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy! How are you?

Sky - I'm doing well so far thanks for asking

Ha Candy - So first off let me say you are beautiful. How long have you been modeling?

Sky - Thank you kindly but I've been modeling about 3yrs

Ha Candy - You've been chosen for our honorary 4th of July issue. What does July 4th mean to you? (I know it sounds like a Miss America question lol!)

Sky - lol well the month of July just makes me think of hotness, sand and cookouts but 4th of July represents a day that we celebrate the independence of our country, the United States of America so I do just that, celebrate.

Ha Candy - Are you the type to have a cookout or go to cookouts?

Sky - I'm the type to go to the cookouts, lol I don't grill the food I eat it!

Ha Candy - Summertime means summer love to a lot of people. Is there someone special in your life right now?

Sky - ummmm I wouldn't exactly say special but no just me!

Ha Candy - So is modeling a career choice for you or just something you're doing at this time in your life?

Sky - Modeling is a career choice or I should say one of my career choices that I'm enjoying right now
Ha Candy - Do you have any advice for young ladies trying to make it in this business?

Sky - Yes I just want to let the ladies know do what you want to do, don't let anyone talk you into something you're not comfortable with!!

Ha Candy - Do you get approached by more bad boys or good guys?

Sky - I would say both actually, it might be a tie

Ha Candy - Have you ever been approached by a woman? If so, what did they say? lol

Sky - Lol thats a new question but yes all the time. What I say depends on if she's cute or not! lol

Ha Candy - How would you best describe yourself?

Sky - Vanilla cream sweet, with plenty of flavor 

Ha Candy - How long have you been singing?

Sky - Since I was little, that's all I wanted to do when I was growing up!

Ha Candy - If you had the chance to work with any artist right now, who would it be?

Sky - Definitely Chris Brown, I love that boy!! He can dance and hit the notes, now that's an entertainer

Ha Candy - Who's your celebrity crush? (we all have one lol)

Sky - I just gave it away! I have a few Chris brown, Idris Elba and George Clooney

Ha Candy - What do you find attractive in a person?

Sky - Their humor, just make me laugh and a nice smile smh

Ha Candy - What's an instant turn off?

Sky - Bad Breathe yuck!! That's the worst

Ha Candy - If you could be anywhere, where would you want to be next July 4th?

Sky - mmmmmm Egypt. I have to get there some way some how..so much I want to see there!!
Ha Candy - Thanks Sky for taking the time to kick it with us. We wish you nothing but success. Any shout outs?
Sky - Yes to my fans that believe in me, thank you so much!!!