September's Treat - Lindsey Jane

Who doesn’t love a beautiful  36-27-38, German, Cherokee, Irish & Scottish girl? You only wish she could meet your parents (with a 3.9 in management at the University of North Carolina). A Waitress/bartender who gardens, kayaks, bakes, rides bicycles & plays the piano is more than a model, she’s Lindsey Jane. The name which will become synonymous with elegance, fun, energetic, gorgeous, lively, and successful. So tell your girlfriend it's ok if you want her to be just like Lindsey Jane, because chances are she wants to be Lindsey Jane too. Enjoy...

Interview by T.Mill - tmill@hacandy.com http://www.tmillonline.com

Ha Candy - Welcome Lindsey, how are you?

Lindsey - I'm doing great! I just finished a shoot earlier today; it's for a new bridal magazine!

Ha Candy - We can’t wait to see that! There’s nothing like a southern girl. You were born in TN and lived in Texas a while, what are some of your favorite memories.

Lindsey - My best memories are anything being outside enjoying the beautiful country we live in. Especially visiting my Mimi and Pepa's huge farm out in Tennessee-- it's the best ever.. all of the fresh veggies, fruits, and homemade southern cooking' you could ever want!

Ha Candy - You said the magic words “Southern cooking”. After only 4 months of beginning your career you were signed to Tout Talent, how did that happen?

Lindsey - After my first shoot, I decided that I loved modeling and wanted to put 110% into it immediately. I just started shooting like crazy, and I was lucky enough to have a decent portfolio after just a few months! I submitted my photos to Tout's website, and they liked my look!

Ha Candy - Your a Virgo, give us one true and one false Virgo trait about you.

Lindsey - True: I'm certainly a huge neat freak, and I'm OCD about a few things! False: Being a prude. I'm definitely not even close to being a prude, and I have quite the potty mouth!

Ha Candy - So your a little OCD, German, Cherokee, Irish, & Scottish; the phrase “one of a kind” comes to mind. What else is unique about you?

Lindsey - I'm a video game/computer game nerd at heart. I grew up playing MMORPG's like Asheron's Call, Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, and World of Warcraft!

Ha Candy - Pick any movie, what role/character is most like yourself !
Lindsey - This is a hard one....! Nothing comes to mind! I'll leave that one to you ;)!

Ha Candy - When did you start Kayaking?

Lindsey - I took up kayaking last year, and it's a blast! I enjoy kayaking on Lake Summit, and there's a little island that is my favorite place to kayak out to-- it's so tranquil.

Ha Candy - If you threw a party for your new friend (me , lol) what would you cook & bake, and what drinks would you serve?

Lindsey - I 'd make some of my homemade manicotti-- everyone loves it! I love making Pomegranate martinis also, but for the guys I would make something else... maybe Long Island Iced Teas...! And of course there would have to be a great beer and wine selection. ;)

Ha Candy - Would there be a musical selection on the Piano? What song?

Lindsey - I just love classical music; Beethoven has always been my favorite composer for piano pieces.

Ha Candy - Speaking of time; If you could travel back in time, where would you go, and what would you do?

Lindsey - I've always been fascinated with Egyptian culture! I would love the chance to go to Egypt, preferably as a fly on the wall though because living isn't that simple for most people there!

Ha Candy - After your trip to Egypt, whats the best advice you can give teen girls and young adults.

Lindsey - Remember that you are special. Someone will always be there to give you sh*t, but at the end of the day, who cares what they have to say? Who will they be to you in 10 years?

Ha Candy - Fill in the blank with the first thing that comes to mind. I love it when___?

Lindsey - I am on a lovely beach with sand between my toes!

Ha Candy - Teen Mom is___?

Lindsey - You know, I've never seen it... but I do love watching Dexter, Spartacus, and Game of Thrones!

Ha Candy - Most Guys are___?

Lindsey - Weird. But hey, weird can be refreshing sometimes and isn't necessarily bad!

Ha Candy - When nobody’s looking I___?

Lindsey - Do a little dance, or sometimes make funny faces. Lol.

Ha Candy - I am the BEST ___?

Lindsey - Dessert maker... :)! Lemon meringue pie, marshmallow brownies, chocolate-chip cheesecake...!

Ha Candy - I really wish women wouldn’t___?

Lindsey - Fish for compliments.

Ha Candy - I really wish men didn’t___?

Lindsey - Act cocky so often.

Ha Candy - Sometimes I___?

Lindsey - Love to take random road trips to new places-- I'm an adventurer!
Ha Candy - I know exactly what you mean about women fishing for compliments, can you explain it for our the readers & fish !
Lindsey - I mean it's just ridiculous to say things like "I'm so fat, what do you think about this dress on me?!" Uh, you wouldn't be asking if you thought you looked horrific in it!! Haha.

Ha Candy - What photo shoot would you love to try?
Lindsey - I would love to do a shoot on a boat in a flowing, flowery dress and a cute sun hat!

Ha Candy - Whats your favorite physical feature about yourself?
Lindsey - I love my legs. Except when I'm buying jeans, what a pain it can be to find them long enough!

Ha Candy - Do you have a favorite curse word?
Lindsey - Not really... Sometimes if I get really mad I say silly things like "poop", and people seem to get a kick out of it!

Ha Candy - Do you have any pet peeves or something that really makes you angry?
Lindsey - I can't stand horrible grammar.. or guys who can't be "just friends"... or whiny kids. Phew!

Ha Candy - After college what are your plans?
Lindsey - I would love to travel! I really want to go to Europe. It has been a dream to help others in the world, perhaps I could do that via the Peace Corps!

Ha Candy - If you had to describe your life in one word what would it be?
Lindsey - Unpredictable!

Ha Candy - I agree, your unpredictable and unforgettable. Thanks for hanging out with us any shout outs?
Lindsey - Everyone in my life is amazing. A special shout out to those of you who have actually read this whole interview ;)!

Ha Candy - It ain't over yet. lol  If your lover was candy what would he be?
Lindsey - A Hershey's Cookies and Cream bar-- a mix of great things, delicious, and unique!