October's Treat - Chenade La'Roy

“The Best Girlfriend in The World” -  Interview by T.Mill - http://www.tmillonline.com FB & Twitter @tmill205

What do you mean how is she the “Best Girlfriend in the world??" Let me count the ways. She loves God, enjoys fitness, Gymnastics, Ice skating, Poetry, Shopping, Clubbing, Creative writing, Choreography and Fashion. She’s loyal & spontaneous. She’s from England, published in Playboy, and thinks men from the USA are “so damn freaky." She finds natural beauty in women irresistible (so do we) & when no one's  around she drinks wine in her birthday suit watching DVDs. (We didn’t ask for titles lol). So enjoy our monthly treat “Chenade La’roy”

Ha Candy - Welcome Chenade, how are you?

Chenade – I’m well. Thank you for asking.

Ha Candy - Where are you from?

Chenade – Essex England

Ha Candy – What’ your favorite memory growing up?

Chenade – Spending every weekend dancing or singing or acting at school

Ha Candy - If we visited you, where's your favorite spots to hang out?

Chenade – Restaurants, anywhere with food - lol

Ha Candy – What are your career plans?

Chenade – To become a successful brand and successful all rounder in the entertainment industry

Ha Candy - If you had 24 hrs to live what would you do?

Chenade – Thank god for my life so far; be with family; bungee jump; have sex with Soulja Boy & shop til I drop

Ha Candy - Men from the UK or USA , is there any difference?

Chenade – UK, not sexually there yet

Ha Candy - What about the women?

Chenade – U.S. women are loyal and honest, whether good or bad they’ll tell you how it is – UK women are two-faced and man hungry

Ha Candy - When you’re not Ice Skating or doing gymnastics how do you relax & unwind?

Chenade – Bath, massage, wine & DVD's

Ha Candy - So, we've got something in common, we both love the ladies more than the men. Well we don't love the men at all. What do you love about ladies more than men?

Chenade – They are affectionate and when they want and need you they are straight about it

Ha Candy - Forget turn-on’s, what do you find irresistible in a woman

Chenade – Beauty, natural beauty

Ha Candy - Videos with Red Cafe, & Omarion. What was that like?

Chenade – It was really good, Red Café is GORGEOUS inside and out. While Omarion, well he’s Omarion, enough said

Ha Candy - Fill in the blanks: I am the best…

Chenade – Girlfriend in the world

Ha Candy - A model is…

Chenade - A strong confident woman that wants to make her own way in life

Ha Candy - When nobody is around…

Chenade - I watch DVD’s with wine naked

Ha Candy - Most men I've met…

Chenade - Are DOUCHE-BAGS

Ha Candy - Most women I've met…

Chenade – Are beautiful

Ha Candy - I will never…

Chenade – Have an orgy in my life

Ha Candy - I want to work with a photographer or director that will…

Chenade – Expand my career and branding and alter me for perfection

Ha Candy - Wildest thing I've ever done is…

Chenade – Had a one night stand

Ha Candy - Too many teenage girls have very low self esteem & confidence. Give them some advice. Some real advice, none of that cookie cutter stuff they hear on TV lol.

Chenade – Don’t care about others, be the best you can be always. Be yourself and do it well. Know what you want always and go get it

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would she be?

Chenade - A Lollipop…use your imagination as to why….

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