November's Treat - Kristin Ways

Kristin Ways

Every which way but loose is our treat for this month.”Miss Ways”  is what many call her & she’s got skills. She’s a knockout model, & wondrous actress with a background in several dance styles; such as ballet, point, hip-hop, jazz, and tap. You’ve got a first class ticket to our monthly treat - Kristin Ways. Send your comments to tmill@hacandy.com (Subj Kristin Ways) and we’ll be sure to pass them along
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Look Familiar?  (Places you’ve seen Kristin Ways)
Spike TV, TNT, The Playboy Mansion.
Videos - Dr. Dre, Trina, Puddle Of Mud. & those are only a few places

Interview by T.Mill http://www.tmillonline.com
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Ha Candy - Your name “Kristin Ways” is pretty cool, it has star power. Do you have any nicknames?

Kristin - Aw thanks =) I have SO many nicknames.. I made a list once it was over 15! right now a lot of people call me Ways or miss ways.

Ha Candy - How did you pursue your passion for acting?

Kristin - I moved across the country to LA and dedicated  my whole life to it and for it.

Ha Candy - Everyone from New York or LA has a different story; cool, crazy or unbelievable. Whats your most memorable moment growing up in NY or LA?

Kristin - everyday is a experience for me really!.. some more then others but I mean.. leaving everything I know and everyone I know to start a new life in LA.. that has to be in my top 3 experiences ever!

Ha Candy - What can you do absolutely better than anybody else? 

Kristin - I'm a really good multitasker.. you wont believe all the stuff I can handle all at once. I have robot like qualities. haha

Ha Candy - Besides modeling and acting what would you love to do?

Kristin - Own my own makeup shop/spa/salon ad have my own clothing company.. in the future I still plan on that.
Ha Candy - What’s the best and worst part about acting?

Kristin - The best part is your able to be free and be yourself yet be somebody else all at once (if you can understand that) and the worst is obvious.. nothing is promised for tomorrow.

Ha Candy - Halloween at the playboy mansion, tell us about that party!  

Kristin - Half naked girls everywhere.. it was any males fantasy.. or in some cases females also HAHA

Ha Candy - Dr. Dre’s Kush video, Trina’s Barbee & many more, what’s been your favorite & why?

Kristin - Probably  Dr.Dre’s .. it was west coast history.

Ha Candy - Since it's almost Thanksgiving, what are you most thankful for?

Kristin - I'm thankful for every little thing in my life honestly. Everyday I open my eyes I'm thankful to be alive. Life is a blessing.

Ha Candy - How are you going to spend your Thanksgiving holiday this year?

Kristin - With my family of course. I can't wait

Ha Candy - What is irresistible to you in a man or a woman?

Kristin - Their mannerisms and personality
Ha Candy - Who wants sex more, men or women?

Kristin - It depends on the person.

Ha Candy - If boy/girlfriend had to grant you 3 wishes, what would you wish for.

Kristin - A healthy/happy life for my family and  myself..a well paying lead successful role, and to eat all the food in the word and never gain weight! :)

Ha Candy - If your lover was a piece of candy what would he or she be?

Kristin - they're all sweet and sour!

Ha Candy - Any shootouts? And tell us what the future holds for you...

Kristin - Yeah, check out my friends movie trailer.. www.travailmovie.com seriously can't wait to go to the premiere. You have to watch the trailer to see what I mean. Its amazing!

Ha Candy - Last but not least, what advice do you have for girls interested in modeling & acting?

Kristin - Just do it! Never give up and never be anything but yourself.