December's Treat - Andrea Marie


After looking over this young ladies bio and pics, I instantly knew what I wanted for Christmas. I wanted an "Italian Dime Piece" from Chicago. She has to be 5'6, 138 pounds, 38DD-27-40 and a Capricorn. She should have a great sense of humor and a giving heart. Santa can you please get me Andrea Marie??

I must have been a good boy this year because old Saint Nick has brought me the beautiful Andrea Maria for my December Monthly Treat. I sent my top writer T. Mill over to talk to the Italian beauty and she is a true sweetheart. Perfect Ha Candy material. I love the Holidays! Enjoy...
- Hasan (Owner/Publisher of Ha Candy Digital)

Interview by T.Mill http://www.tmillonline.com 

Ha Candy - What do you love or hate about the Winter time or Christmas holidays?

Andrea - Being from Chicago I am not a fan of the crazy blizzard like weather we get slammed with, but the the Holiday season brings me together with my family and friends. My birthday is also December 23rd, so even in the middle of Winter I still heat it up with a big sexy Birthday bash.

Ha Candy - Name 5 things you have to have during the holidays.

Andrea - Family, friends, good food, funny memories, and music.

Ha Candy - Have you ever been a part of the whole Black Friday craziness lol?

Andrea - I've done the Black Friday thing before and let me tell you, it is a NIGHTMARE!!! I almost got beat up by an old lady over who got the last shopping cart! It was crazy.... So, ever since then, you'll find me snuggled in my bed, sleeping off a turkey coma. No stores for me!

Ha Candy - Name one thing guys do wrong every Christmas?

Andrea - Guys always try to buy us something they "think  we really  want".... I wouldn't drop hints about all the other gifts all the rest of the year, if I "really wanted" a massage chair, or a at home spa kit.... Umm, that's what gift certificates are for. Who wants to "do it yourself". SMH! But us ladies do love yall. At least you do try ;)

Ha Candy - Whats the best gift you ever gave & received?

Andrea -  The best gift I ever gave someone was a brand new LED flat screen tv. The best gift I ever received has to be my dog, Sonnie. He's an adorable little Yorkie. I've been in love with him since the day I got him. He's truly my best friend.

Ha Candy - How do you usually your Thanksgiving?

Andrea -  Thanksgiving is usually a toss up. I'm either at my parents house, or out at one of my many relatives houses. I've got a huge, old school, Italian family, and everyone is always cooking something tasty. Every Turkey day memory for me is filled with a packed house, kids running ramped, lots of wine, lots of laughter, and lots of leftovers. I love the Holidays. Always great memories.

Ha Candy - Do you cook?

Andrea - I do cook, but I have never cooked a big Holiday dinner. I always take the cheater route, and pick up a Honey Baked Ham ;)

Ha Candy - Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you keep them lol?

Andrea - I'm not even going to lie, I do make New Years resolutions, but I do have the hardest time sticking to them! It's a lot easier said than done ;)

Ha Candy - If you were Mrs.Claus for one day what would you do?

Andrea - If I was Mrs. Clause for a day, I would take the time to visit with the children who really don't have anything or anyone to make them smile. I would try to make their Holiday memorable. I would try to make sure everyone had a good meal in their belly, and a warm place to spend the night. I truly wish I could make that happen.

Ha Candy - Great answer! Any Shout outs & upcoming events?

Andrea - I'd like to shout out all my fans for their love and constant support. Please be on the lookout for some of my upcoming projects including the 2012 Custom Ladies Calendar, the Better Than Sex Ice Cream team, the Moondawg Mamis Models and of coarse my upcoming magazine and web features. To keep up with everything I've got going on please be sure to #follow me on Twitter: @ANDREAMARIEXOXO 

Ha Candy - Andrea It's been a pleasure having you here, thanks for hanging with us!

Andrea - Much love to HA Candy Magazine for giving me the opportunity to do this interview! Love you guys! Xoxo's

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