December's Treat - Ayisha Diaz

 Ayisha Diaz
Bad Girls do it well, Ayisha does it best.

Representing Omaha Nebraska, she’s just as unique. Don’t let the pretty face fool you, there’s a Dragon underneath this Dominican bombshell, 5’5 / 34-27-39.  Ayisha stops by to share her gift & curse experiences in the industry while having fun in the process. Too bad Twinkies are going out of business. Ask her why...lol

Interview by Tim Miller for Ha Candy Magazine
Ha Candy is brought to you by: Hasan Johnson (owner, creator)

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy, how are you?
Ayisha Diaz - I'm doing pretty good, work been coming in pretty fast

Ha Candy - What city are you representing? (and tell us what you like most about it)
Ayisha Diaz - Omaha Nebraska. I just like it cause it's far unique and it's in the Midwest

Ha Candy - If beauty & brains is a gift & curse,tell us about yours. (What's the good and bad about your looks & success?)
Ayisha Diaz - looks - I can't go no where with out people starring so when I go out the house looking busted I be uncomfortable cause every one is starring but I make the best out of it and make money from it 

Ha Candy - Your nickname is “Dragon?"  (Tell us how you got that name & why)
Ayisha Diaz - lol it's different reasons why they call me that, let's just say that's my other personality and she's serious 

Ha Candy -  Of all the videos you’ve done, which was more crazy & memorable?
Ayisha Diaz - I can't think nothing off the top of my head but we're always freezing, extra hot or it stinks lol

Ha Candy - If you weren't modeling what else would you love to do?
Ayisha Diaz - working at my parents club but I was born to do this!

Ha Candy - What do you say to the women who find your style of modeling “Offensive, tasteless, intimidating, or distracting?"
Ayisha Diaz - Some body has to do it, like it or not it's entertaining and we like the attention. They can't be mad, cause it's our life. Believe it or not it's not that bad, depends on how you carry your self.  The female body is beautiful why hide it?

Ha Candy - Your photo shoots are pretty damn hot! Any advice for aspiring models & photographers?
Ayisha Diaz - models - the more relaxed you are the better and don't take no pictures your not comfortable with. And showing more wont get you more! Photographers -soft on the photoshop, stop holding the pictures hostage and so you won't be known as a pervert don't touch or make sexual comments on the models! It makes us feel awkward

Ha Candy - Everyone has a crazy, fun, wild story. What's yours?
Ayisha Diaz - My life is crazy lol, I wish I had a break from wild moments but best fun time is when I'm visiting family

Ha Candy - When Hollywood comes calling, what roles would you like to play & who would you like to star alongside?
Ayisha Diaz - The bad girl in the movie. I don't have a special person I would like to work with but Meagan Good would be one, that would be nice

Ha Candy - Who or what inspires you to work so hard?
Ayisha Diaz - My future. I just think about the life I need, I refuse to live a life I don't want or like

Ha Candy - There’s an awesome song called “Man in the mirror”. A portion of the chorus sings “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change”  - What personal changes are you making?
Ayisha Diaz - lol maybe I can stop littering! Beside that I would stop being so nice to people who wish me wrong
 Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he be?
Ayisha Diaz - Sweet and Sour Patch Kids
Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Ayisha Diaz -  A Twinkie lmfao or a Cry Baby
Finish these sentences...
I am the best - Sister ever

Few people know that I - Hate waking up in the morning

I’m attracted to - A man who has his shit together and I don't need to help build

I”m annoyed by - Phony people that say hi one day and the next day they don't know you

More women should - Stick together so we can take over completely

I used to be in love - But now I want to be single forever     

In 2 years I will be - On the road still building my future

Ha Candy - Thanks for hanging out with us Ayisha
Ayisha Diaz - Take care.

Ayisha's website: www.ayishadiaz.com

November's Treat - Cali

Cali's Reality

With so many reality shows flooding the networks, it's very easy to forget names and faces. But sometimes there comes a face that you just can't forget. Meet Cali, best known for looking for love on VH1's "Real Chance of Love." Many pretty faces come and go but Cali has proven that she's here to stay. So today we're getting "real" with reality T.V's own Cali, she's definitely showing Ha Candy some California love!

Interview by (Ha Candy C.E.O/Publisher) Hasan Johnson

Ha Candy - Hey Cali how are you? Welcome to Ha Candy

Ha Candy - You're still looking good as ever, what have you been up to?

Ha Candy - What's your nationality?

Ha Candy - Being known for looking for love on reality TV, I think everyone wants to know if you're still looking?

Ha Candy - Once you're in the public eye, rumors and gossip start to surface. What's the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself that wasn't true lol?

Ha Candy - What's more important to you in a relationship, looks or personality?

Ha Candy - What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?

Ha Candy - You're a beautiful woman and I know guys flock to you. Has there ever been someone you were feeling & the feelings weren't mutual?

Ha Candy - They say love can get you through anything. Could you forgive the one you love if they cheated on you?

Ha Candy - Name something about you that people would be surprised to know

Ha Candy - Who's your favorite artist right now & why?

Ha Candy - What's your priority right now, love or career?

Ha Candy - Any words for your fans?

Ha Candy - I want to thank you for taking time to kick it with us. Let our readers know where they can find you online...

October's Treat - Heather Shanholtz

Heather Shanholtz is ready for some action!

Born in Baltimore Maryland, Heather Shanholtz is the total package. She’s taken hold of her career since 16, dropping out of High School and obtaining her GED to enroll in college early for Paralegal studies. The experience of working in a Law firm helped Heather manage her career by herself. Thinking outside the box is how she achieved so many goals in such a short time (appearing in a diverse range of advertisements and spokesperson deals). Within a year she’s been featured in over 20 national magazines. You may catch her in the mobile food truck “Aphrodisiac Ice Cream” on TV or on her built in stripper pole. Heather's incredible figure has been the muse for some of todays best swimwear designers. She also hangs out at the Playboy mansion from time to time lol. When Heather’s not skydiving, four wheeling, shooting guns or working her professional pole dancing skills, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. So viewers get ready for Miss Heather Shanholtz…this monthly treat just may be too sweet for you!

Interview by T.Miller - Staff Writer - tmill@hacandy.com
Brought to you by Hasan Johnson
 Photos by: Amaginations

Ha Candy - Welcome Heather to the Ha Candy factory, how are you?
Heather Shanholtz - Doing good.

Ha Candy - You just completed stunt school. Takes a special sexy woman to play dirty, tell us what why you took stunt classes and what it was like.
Heather Shanholtz - I want to transition into acting and I thought what better way to attend stunt school and be in the same city for a month, reset my schedule to something more on a routine type of schedule and get myself away from the modeling for a little bit.
Ha Candy - How bad is your shoe obsession?
Heather Shanholtz - Pretty bad.  I own over 400 pairs.  Its my fetish.  LOL!

Ha Candy - What other extreme sports are you interested in?
Heather Shanholtz - Skydiving, shooting guns, paint balling and anything active and adventurous.

Ha Candy - As adventurous as you are, what kind of man keeps your attention?
Heather Shanholtz - Someone that is active and that can make me laugh.  He has to be goal oriented, motivated and driven.

Ha Candy - Tell us about Aphrodisiac Ice Cream and Flying Pasties.
Heather Shanholtz - Aphrodisiac Ice Cream is an ice cream truck in Miami that has Playboy & Maxim models serving up the goods equipped w/ 2 stripper poles on top of the truck. They also have a golf cart that has a stripper pole and a freezer on the back to make it more accessible for golfing, beach and other events.  We are available for private parties, events, music videos, publications, interviews, etc. www.AphrodisiacIceCream.com. Flying Pasties is a company I spokesmodel for that provides travelers with privacy when going through the scanners at airports.  Check out more about them at: www.flyingpasties.com
(Click on pics to enlarge)

Ha Candy - What movie character would you love to have played or remake?
Heather Shanholtz - Catwoman. I think she's awesome. I love the feistiness and mysterious side of her. Plus I would get to be adventurous and dress up in latex. Meow!

Ha Candy - Any advice for aspiring models that look up to your achievements and hard work?
Heather Shanholtz - If that's what you really want go for it and don't take no for an answer. The best way to get your portfolio started is to hire a professional photographer with a good name right away. I didn't do that for years and my career didn't go anywhere until I did. I suggest Justin Price, his work is amazing and he's professional. Do a google search for modeling agencies in your area, call and set up an appointment. If someone tells you no go to the next agency or booking. If you really want it and work hard for it you can do it.

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best? If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?
Heather Shanholtz - I'd say a snickers bar.  I'm sweet like chocolate and I'm also a little nutty. The name snickers describes me to because I'm always laughing. Lol! My man would be a good and plenty Lol! The name really says it all.

Ha Candy - When someone gets to know you , what would they be most surprised to learn about you?
Heather Shanholtz - That I am extremely intelligent. Before modeling I was a paralegal and a civil engineer. I also own a web and graphic design company.

Ha Candy - Now that you’ve toured the Ha Candy factory what do you think about it?
Heather Shanholtz - I love it and thanks for having me as a part of the movement!

Ha Candy - Any Shoutouts?
Heather Shanholtz - Shoutouts to my family, friends & fans I love all of you guys!!!

Ha Candy - Finish these sentences. I am the best -
Heather Shanholtz - friend you could have.
Ha Candy - I love it when a man -
Heather Shanholtz - makes me smile.
Ha Candy - I wish women would stop -
Heather Shanholtz - hating on one another.
Ha Candy - My bedroom is -
Heather Shanholtz - my sanctuary.
Ha Candy - My "---" gets the most attention when i’m out in public -
Heather Shanholtz - boobs.
Ha Candy - For one of my followers/fans that leave a comment on this interview it will -
Heather Shanholtz - make me smile :D

 www.heathershanholtz.com  www.facebook.com/ModelHeather  www.twitter.com/HShanholtz

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September's Treat - Elicia Solis

Ha Candy Five-0
By: Tim Miller (Staff Writer)

We've found Bullfighters, iron maiden, grammy winners, adult actors turned pop stars, and so much more in Ilford Essex, yet no one as awesome as Elicia Solis. This UK glamour model graduated Business & Law, climbed the career ladder in the Police Force for 6 years? (Hope she still has that uniform & handcuffs lol)

After much success with her modeling and television work, she’s now independent, presenting on Bluebird TV (Adult TV), and topless in “Midweek Sport” a.k.a “Sunday Sport." One of the biggest newspaper tabloids in the UK.

You now have the right to remain silent, and satisfied.  Enjoy!

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Elicia, how are you?

Elicia Solis - Hiya, I'm good thank you :)

Ha Candy - Your resume is Bad Ass! Graduating, Business & Law, 6 year career in the police force, and everything you're doing now. Why did you choose law, and what made you change your career?

Elicia Solis - Lol, it sure is, just shows you that you should never judge a book by its cover. My change of career started when I did my 1st shoot in August 2011 and was offered a management contract, then things started progressing quickly.  I was still working for the Metropolitan Police at the time, I was becoming bored with it and within 8 months my modeling work was earning me more money then the Met Police so I decided to hang up my uniform for a sexier option ;)
Ha Candy - Did you see any action on the police force? What did you do there during that time of your life?

Elicia Solis - Oh yes, I saw a lot of action in the police force, I was tasked with orchestrating dramatic responses to criminal events, I oversaw everything from domestic altercations to anti terror operations and gun sieges.

Ha Candy - How did guys react when they learned you were in the Police Force?

Elicia Solis - Guys loved it, especially the bad boys, it was turn on for them to be dating a cop, lol ;)

Ha Candy - When people meet you, what are they most surprised to learn about you?

Elicia Solis - They are most surprised to learn that I was in the police force and that I am a really friendly down to earth person.

Ha Candy - Have you ever done anything dangerous or required a ton of guts to pull off?

Elicia Solis - I have but I am sworn to secrecy.

Ha Candy - Tell us about Bluebird TV & can you “Tivo” us some episodes of you?

Elicia Solis - Bluebird TV is an adult tv channel on UK Sky TV (channels 935 936 940 & 942). Basically the tv station is where fans can call up and speak to and watch their favorite glamour models and porn stars live. It is an interactive phone sex tv channel. Outside of UK can still watch Bluebird TV live at www.bluebird.tv :)

Ha Candy - Right now in your career/life what's the biggest piece of advice you can offer the ladies out here?

Elicia Solis - Work hard, always stay professional, appreciate your fans and your team around you and most importantly stay humble, no one wants to employ a diva.
Ha Candy - Do you still have your police uniform & handcuffs? What other uniforms/professions would you try on for a day?

Elicia Solis - Unfortunately, I have to give those back when I left in March but I did manage to do a sexy strip tease photo shoot in my official uniform beforehand, those pictures have not been released yet ;)

Ha Candy - What catches & keeps your interest in a guy/girl?

Elicia Solis - A guy that can make me laugh and keep me smiling.

Ha Candy - You strike me as the type with an extremely funny story or two, please share.

Elicia Solis - Hmmmm, when I first started working on Bluebird TV, I answered the
phone to one of my callers saying 'Hello, your through to the police, how can I help you? lol.

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best? If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?

Elicia Solis - I would say I'm Chocolate because I'm smooth, sweet and romantic. Almost everyone loves me and the ones that don't are crazy!  I always leave them wanting more ;)  My lover would have to be a Galaxy chocolate caramel ;)

Ha Candy - So, now you’ve been around the Ha Candy factory, how do you like it?

Elicia Solis - I love the Ha Candy factory, can I take up residency here ;)

Ha Candy - Any shout outs, upcoming news, events?

Elicia Solis - I want to thank Ha Candy for having me today, to my amazing mum for all the support she gives me and sending out love to all my fans :)

Fill in the blanks...
Ha Candy - I am the best - 
Elicia Solis - Posing
Ha Candy - I love it when a man - 
Elicia Solis -Brings me flowers
Ha Candy - I wish women would stop - 
Elicia Solis -Bitching
Ha Candy - I used to be shy but now I - 
Elicia Solis - Am a sex kitten ;)
Ha Candy - My favorite naughty word is - 
Elicia Solis -Cock
Ha Candy - When I’m super excited and nobody is around I like to - 
Elicia Solis - Play with my vibrator
Ha Candy - What separates me from other models is - 
Elicia Solis - I am business minded
Ha Candy - For one of my followers/fans that leave a comment on this interview I will -
Elicia Solis - Shout them out on twitter

Elicia is currently in the process of launching her brand new website www.elicia-solis.com.
You can catch up with her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EliciaSolisX 
& Twitter: https://twitter.com/EliciaSolis

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August Treat - Dominique Morgan

This top mixed model is young and fresh to the modeling industry. You’ve seen her in many runway shows and plenty of videos. This mixed barbie is full of Puerto Rican, Hawaiian and Black flavor; originally from ATL, now representing Illinois. One on one with Ha Candy Magazine, she shares some insight to what makes her the top "mixed" model. With T.Mill she talks about  dating, the single life, business, sports, lingerie football, strip clubs and more. She even agrees with him on the theory "All women are Bi curious." Thank you Baby Jesus! 
Let's all welcome Dominique Morgan to Ha Candy...

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July's Treat - Angelina Meliana

Angelina Meliana 
“ La Donna Trifecta - Beauty, Brains, & Success” 
Italian, Irish and black - ”Il nostro preferito “ -  This bombshell is as explosive as a bag of pop rocks in a balloon. Angelina cuts up with us about her life lessons,  teaching women a thing or two about confidence and what REAL men want. Oh.... and did we mention she’s a sexpert!? How come my girlfriends can’t have a best friend like her? Of course the bigger question is “Why is she still single?“ Maybe we're the only ones that can handle this trifecta of a monthly treat. 

Brought to you by - Hasan Johnson

Interview by - T.Mill

Ha Candy - What have you learned in life thus far that has enlightened you the most?

A.M – To be true to you, No body can do it better than you can and I have learned to not compare myself to anyone else. God made me the way he wanted me to be because in his eyes he made me a creation of what “perfection” meant to him. I have also learned to always remain in a position where I am dependant on NO ONE. I stand on my own, make it on my own and spend it on my own.

Ha Candy - If you had to spend 1 million dollars on 7 things what would they be?

A.M – If I have to spend a million dollars on 7 things the first 2 would be getting my parents out of debt. Pay off their homes, cars etc.  The 3rd thing would be to have my daughters college education paid in full all the way through graduate school so she wouldn’t have to struggle working 2 jobs and going to college like I did. The 4th thing would be to donate money to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital for childhood disease research. The 5th -7th thing would be to travel the world, I am a  huge world traveler and I believe until you have really stepped outside the box and all this world has to offer, you have never really lived…

Ha Candy - Give some real advice to teenage girls and young women who struggle with confidence and self esteem. None of that Dr. Phil crap lol!

A.M - I would tell them to believe in themselves first, all women are beautiful and made to be individual, Embrace your imperfections and work with them instead of against them. You don’t need ass shots, hair extensions, lip injections, breast implants etc to be beautiful, 90% of REAL men don’t want a FAKE ass woman anyway and if you think about it, how the hell are you going to look when your 40-50 years old all stuffed will silicon. Not a good look I’m sure. My imperfections are the things that make me unique from the rest of the world and I love being me, I don't know how to be anyone else.

Ha Candy- Your a self proclaimed "Sexpert". Exploring yourself and what pleases you what have you found?

A.M - Me a Sexpert? Well HELL YA!! I love experimenting and exploring my body as well as my mans body’s… I want to know what pleases him and takes him to the top. I have found that adding a bit of oil to any exploration of my body, enhances the sensations and increases my stimulation.

Ha Candy - What do you like most about Ha Candy Magazine?

A.M – What I like most about Ha Candy Magazine is that even though the pictures are very sexual they are not trashy. The magazine is very professional and show cases women of all backgrounds and body types. You appeal to all the likings of a man.

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?

A.M – If I was a candy I would have to be a package of Pop Rocks. They entice you into wanting you to place them in your mouth and when you do they sit on your tongue and tickle your senses, then before you know it; it’s an all out flavor explosion…lol! Yep that would be me!

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he or she be?

A.M – MMMMMM’ maybe a sour patch kid….sweet yet sour and juicy…I love placing them in my mouth and sucking on them…that tinge of sour flavor makes your lips pucker, yet yearn for more…

Ha Candy- Are you currently dating?

A.M - No I'm happily single; seems that Beauty, Brains and Success is a turn off to some guys these days. Matter of fact the biggest compliment I get from most men I meet is that I am a very intimidating woman.

Ha Candy - You’re not attracted to douche bags, and the weak silent type, check! What do you find irresistible in a guy?

A.M - I am attracted to a man with ambition, goals, determination oh and tattoos! The man I date needs to grind as hard as I grind. He must be  respectable, humble and carry himself with class, yet still have that edge of a bad boy. I don’t need a purse snatcher on my hip looking for money. I need an “if I shine you shine” type fella.
Ha Candy - Before you leave you must promise to send us our very own photo of you perfecting the "Full Split"

A.M – HAHAHAHA! You got it! Been practicing that for a while now. Almost got that bounce in it too

Ha Candy - What made you get into modeling?

A.M - Well.... funny as it may seem; I was at a night club when a photographer approached about me about a project he was working on for his portfolio, he needed a sexy, outgoing, fun female with a versatile look. He asked if I would be interested in collaborating with him and of course I said YES! The pictures came out beautiful and his fans adored me.... needless to say that was my welcoming entrance to the world!

Twitter: @angelinameliana
Website: www.angelinameliana.com
Product Endorser: http://www.seacretdirect.com/?ID=ACarrasquillo
Facebook: Angelina Meliana

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June's Treat - Liz Chavez

"Liz Chavez"
Ladies, if we may be so daring to give some advice on dating, here it is... "Grow Some Personality." Your sex appeal alone isn’t enough to keep a guy interested in you, unless you're still hanging out at the same clubs you went to in college. We went down under this month to find the coolest, sexiest, chocolate cake loving hooli girl we could find. Sometimes we just want to talk, then get to the fun stuff. You can’t hold a guy’s attention for too long if he can find the same thing somewhere else in less than 24 hrs. I dare you to find someone as interesting as our Monthly Treat. A Hooli girl for the MMA clothing line, born in Texas near a Naval Base she spent most her childhood and teenage years in Perth Australia. Can you say “Dual Citizenship”?? Mix that with some Mexican heritage, and you get a 32DD-24-32 fun, athletic, “Queen of Cake” by the name of Liz Chavez. Don’t blink or she’ll steal your socks, and hide in her handbag lol. Enjoy mate!

Interview by T.Mill - www.paradoxeast.com
Ha Candy is brought to you by: Hasan Johnson (owner,creator)
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Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Magazine, how are you?
Liz Chavez - I'm really well thank you. Things have been super busy with modeling, in fact I only just finished a shoot with photographer Lexx Colson, so I'm really excited to see the results.

Ha Candy - How does fitness & health fit into your lifestyle?
Liz Chavez - Fitness and health play a huge role in my life, both past and present. I have always been involved in sports, even from a really young age and I love having a healthy outlook on nutrition and am interested in the role it plays in helping me to achieve my fitness goals.

Ha Candy - Couple of us are going to buy our girlfriend some " Onzola " for Christmas, is that cool or what?
Liz Chavez - I am absolutely infatuated with the Oznola brand! All of the items are very flattering to the female figure, the colors are bold and the designs are so unique, which is what attracted me to them in the first place. I feel like all girls should have a signature style, or an item of clothing where you always get asked "where'd you get that from?", and Oznola is the only clothing line where I feel has that impact.  ( http://www.shopoznola.com/ )

Ha Candy - Do you think she'll buy us some MMA tickets or at least buy us some Hooligan Gear?
Liz Chavez - Well if she doesn't take you to an MMA match, then she should DEFINITELY get you some Hooligans United gear! If you can't be with the MMA champs, then you can at least dress like one! And damn, does the Hooligans gear make a guy stand out! :)

Ha Candy - I get the feeling you have a very funny, crazy, or embarrassing story?
Liz Chavez - I have many, many crazy and embarrassing stories, haha! Probably the one that really affected me the most growing up was when I decided to get my long hair cut into a nice short bob at the tender and influential age of 14. And that short bob ended up looking like a bowl cut. I literally looked like a little Mexican boy or Moe from the 3 Stooges... And to make matters worse, we had family photos done that year, so that horrible memory has been solidified in print... For EVERYONE to see. Especially new boyfriends.

Ha Candy - We hear that Kings,Park & Perth Zoo are worth checking out. Where else would you take us to hang out in Perth Australia.
Liz Chavez - King's Parks is a wonderful place to check out, but if you really want to get a feel for the Aussie culture I'd probably take you to some of the wonderful beaches we have.... Maybe I'd let you ride a kangaroo or wrestle a crocodile ;P

Ha Candy - What's the weather like year round?
Liz Chavez - It's very similar to LA weather. Hot but gorgeous summers and cold, somewhat rainy winters.
Ha Candy - You studied Human Movement? Is that what we think it is?
Liz Chavez - Haha! No, it's not what it sounds like. Probably would have been more interesting if it was. It's the study of Kinesiology; like sports science, rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy etc. :P

Ha Candy - What horror movie is guaranteed to keep you cuddled up to us and bring out the scaredie cat in you?
Liz Chavez - I really don't get scared when it comes to scary movies, the gorier and scarier the better!! Rob Zombie movies are a favorite of mine.... In fact, I think it would be you cuddling up to me.
Ha Candy - Between fitness, Australia, & MMA is it safe to say you can kick some ass?
Liz Chavez - Well I'm not sure I would kick anyone's ass in a physical sense, but I can be very sarcastic, so if you get me in a verbal debate, I can cut you down a few notches. :P

Ha Candy - If you had the best training, and could go One on One for Three rounds with anybody, who would it be?
Liz Chavez - I would love to "fight"  Jonathan Brookins, only because he's a mate of mine and I would love to teach him a lesson or two! (I say that in jest of course, because it wouldn't be much of a fight, we'd prob be cracking up the whole time).

Ha Candy - Do you follow the fitness trends or do your own thing?
Liz Chavez - No, I've never been much for fitness trends, I prefer to do my own thing.

Ha Candy - What do you find irresistible in a guy?
Liz Chavez - I like a guy that has a little mystery to him. When a guy gives too much away, there's nothing left to discover, so I can become bored fairly fast.

Ha Candy - Whats the sexiest thing a guy has ever done to/for you?
Liz Chavez - I think it's all the little things that count, they're the things that I find sexy, like holding the door open or cleaning up the whole house then making me dinner and running my bath.... Too much? Haha.

Ha Candy - Fill in the blanks...
1. I am the best - 
Liz Chavez - Procrastinator
2. People are surprised to know what I - 
Liz Chavez - Can hide and fit in my handbag.
3. I used to - 
Liz Chavez - Always wear odd socks. But now I -just steal people's socks and wear everyone else's odd socks.
4. My favorite dirty word is - 
Liz Chavez - "Antidisestablishmentariansim". Try saying that while you're getting it on.... So, so dirty.
5. I will never - 
Liz Chavez - Call my child "Todd", "Kyle"or "Cameron"... Or any of those goofy, f*cking boy names... As comedian George Carlin and my good friend Igz have so correctly expressed!!

Ha Candy - Any Shout outs?
Liz Chavez - I'd love to give a shout out to my fabulous photographer Lexx Colson, who works with me on so many huge projects and all of my fellow teammates on the Vitrix Model Team!!

Ha Candy - What advice do you have for other girls looking to follow in your footsteps?
Liz Chavez - Don't ever think you're 'all that' like so many 'models' do. Stay grounded and remember the friends, family and people who helped you to get where you're at, because without them, you ain't shit homie slice.

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?
Liz Chavez - MMmmmmm candy....Wait, what was the question? :)

At the University of Western Australia, Liz studied human movement and is now a fitness model for Nutrex and a fully-fledged member of the Vitrix Model Team.  Liz is also a new “Hooli Girl” for the international MMA clothing line Hooligan's United, which has been worn by MMA stars like Dan Hardy. ( http://hooligansunited.com/HooligansUnited/Links.html )

Look out for her joining “Oznola clothing”  on their new line and representing a lot of their designs. http://www.shopoznola.com/  And be sure to catch her in the new video“Angels Calling”  by R&B and Reggae artist Khamelien.

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May's Treat - Miss Kenge

Act Like a Model, Think Like a Business.

In case you thought the book and film “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” was bat shi# crazy and full of it here’s another dose of proof. Miss Kenge is more than a pretty face and figure eight curves. She’s a fitness/health consultant , party planner, and everything you need for your event or video. She can even teach the ladies how to use their “Female Swag" and give us a few ideas for our next party. All she said was Playboy Models, swings from the ceiling, and we were hooked. Enjoy

Interview for Hasan Johnson (Creator, Owner - Ha Candy Digital )
Interview by T.Mill

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy, how are you?
Miss Kenge - I’m blessed, for real! I can’t complain I’m loving life right now, and everything in it.

Ha Candy - There's tons of girls out there who come up with all types of excuses for weight loss. Share your story & thoughts and maybe they'll get up and make it happen.
Miss Kenge - Excuses … ooowww, No you didn’t !!! Well I don’t have an excuse for weight loss. I’m a thick chick and proud of it. However, a girl do gotta have tummy control and cellulite in check. But for real, I do have a weight loss plan and it consists of HCG for 40 days and 1 hour of cardio (constant incline) 5 days a week. Plus I work hard and am very determined. Any other secrets, and you gon have to pay for those.

Ha Candy - We've been looking for a partner in our money hustles, what
schemes do you have in mind?
Miss Kenge - Hmmm …that’s easy. No matter what people are going through people love to party. So I’ll sell the party along with the magazine. I’ll have some of the dopest females promote the party because ladies make the party. Will take it all over the world, t-shirts, dvd’s, key chains, hell… even bumper stickers. The key is to sell the brand; make it fun. That’s how you get money.

Ha Candy - If money could buy love (in some countries it does), but if it could buy love, how much would you spend?

Ha Candy - Our next party is down in Vegas at the Cathouse, in the Luxor. Can you help us pull off an unforgettable crazy sexy cool night?
Miss Kenge - Hell yeah … See that night would be special. It’d be like walking in heaven wit a little bit of freakiness. All white everything (We are throwing a crazy, sexy, cool party). I’d have the Victoria Secret Models serving drinks, wit da Playboy Bunnies on swings hanging from the ceiling … something you ain’t never seen! I might even have a white lion, LOL … hosted by the cast of the Hangover. NOW DATS A PARTY!

Ha Candy - Dare we ask, what is female swag?
Miss Kenge - Female Swag comes from within. You gotta be born with it. I’m all about UPLIFTING Women; FEMALE EMPOWERMENT … POWER TO THE P … (Ladies you feel me)!

Ha Candy - How will a woman know if she got swag or none at all?
Miss Kenge - Once again swag is something you born with. You’ll know if you got it if this quote pertains to you “Can’t be a follower always a trendsetter.”

Ha Candy - Tell us about ID Confirmed
Miss Kenge - ID Confirmed is a company that I got so much love for, they my family. But with my people it’s all about 1204 promotions: TEAM KENGE! That’s what we on, that’s what we about, I can’t see past that right now.

Ha Candy - The 411 Dating Game, what is that?
Miss Kenge - It’s a dating game that I can’t say I came up with, but that I brought new life to in my city, my area, my region. It’s more less a spinoff of the old 80’s dating game. 3 contestants 1 bachelor/bachlorette all vying to win a date with the bachelor/bachelorette. We go through rounds, have laughs with drinks and …VOILA!!!
Ha Candy - Any other hidden talents?
Miss Kenge - I’m very persuasive, sort of sneaky, you can even call it cunning, but in a good way LOL. Let’s just say my secret talent is getting what I want when I want it.

Ha Candy - We welcome any challenge, but our ladies would love to know how to swindle the fellas.
Miss Kenge - Okay sessions in, report to question 6. You gotta have swag and that’s something that comes from within. A man is naturally attracted to a woman, so you do what you do to get what you want … THEY DO!

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?
Miss Kenge - First of all a HE … would be a Lifesaver. 1st cause he’d have my back, 2nd because they taste so good, and 3rd cause it lasts, Oh…does it last!

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Miss Kenge - Sour Patch Kids – I’m really sweet, but can be sour, but once you get to the inside I’m really soft and mushy.

Ha Candy - Any shout outs?
Miss Kenge - Shout out to all my fans and supporters and everybody that’s rockin with Team Kenge. Anybody that shows luv, trust and believe will get it back. Of course 1204 Promotions and Mr.1204, Detroit Cake Mixx and my homeboy Duncan Hines.

Ha Candy - Thanks for hanging out with us.
Miss Kenge - No problem it’s been fun, it’s been real, and I got to be myself!

April's Treat - Ashley Abbot

This Monthly Treat is Filipino and Lebanese. Representing California, this upcoming actress chops it up with T.Mill about fashion, her bucket list, sexy time and more. Yes we said "Sexy Time." Shout out to Frost Model & Frost Beats. Ha Candy is proud to deliver April's Treat, enjoy the lovely Ashley Abbott.

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March Treat - Robin Marie

Welcome everyone to Ha Candy Magazine. This month Hasan delivers a very nice treat by way of Columbus Ohio. African American/Italian, & every piece of her is sweet like Starburst. This young Virgo is not your girl next door, she’s the girl you want “Indoors”. You are sure to see her become famous & she’s got a one of a kind interview with us. 
Hold on to your seats & get ready for Robin Marie!

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February's Treat - Krystle Darosa

This month we put the spotlight on the upcoming model Krystle Darosa. From music videos to various fashion events, she does it all & does it well. She's a bit shy in the hot seat until she reveals her "Girl gone wild" Hangover story lol. 
So show your love for Krystle Darosa, Hasan's February Monthly Treat. Happy Valentines Day!