March Treat - Robin Marie

Welcome everyone to Ha Candy Magazine. This month Hasan delivers a very nice treat by way of Columbus Ohio. African American/Italian, & every piece of her is sweet like Starburst. This young Virgo is not your girl next door, she’s the girl you want “Indoors”. You are sure to see her become famous & she’s got a one of a kind interview with us. 
Hold on to your seats & get ready for Robin Marie!

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Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Magazine Robin Marie, hope you like it here!
Robin Marie - Yes

Ha Candy - Has anyone told you your name sounds like a Hollywood Actress? What actress or film best describes you?
Robin Marie - Yes, Legally Blonde lol

Ha Candy - Keep it 100, what separates you from every other model?
Robin Marie - I'm my own person. I have a great personality and a unique look.

Ha Candy - Forgive & forget or Remember & Revenge? If revenge, what revenge did you take?
Robin Marie - Forgive and forget and don't look back

Ha Candy - I know you have a funny or embarrassing story, care to share?
Robin Marie - Yes it was so embarrassing I was at the club I was a little tipsy and I was dancing having a good time then I fell in front of everybody lol.
Ha Candy - How do you plan to be an example to young women?
Robin Marie - I plan on working as hard as I can and show young girls that no matter what you have been through with faith you can make it. Hard Work pays off in the end

Ha Candy - Talk to the photographers out here, what are you looking for when working with them?
Robin Marie - I'm looking for some amazing pictures, and building a positive relationship with each photographer I do end up working with.

Ha Candy - Lets hang out in your city, where do we go & what do we do to have a great time?
Robin Marie - I like to hang out at Easton Towne Center, u can shop get a drink and catch a comedy show all in the same area. I love it

Ha Candy - What do you find irresistible in a man?
Robin Marie - I love a good smelling man and he has to have style and a sense of humor.

Ha Candy - Gotta love a woman who can rock the short cut like yourself, what other hairstyles have you rocked ?
Robin Marie - The only other style I have rocked is the mohawk which I love.

Ha Candy - Whats your favorite dirty word ?
Robin Marie - I say Fu*k sometimes a little to much
Ha Candy - In 5 years where will you be in your career?
Robin Marie - In 5 years I want to have accomplished plenty of magazines, covers, spreads, etc. I'm in school for broadcasting so once I graduate I would love to get a job hosting a countdown or telling the news on some channel.

Ha Candy - After we get to know you, whats one thing we will be surprised to find out about you?
Robin Marie - I'm a sweet heart, loving and caring.

Ha Candy - Where are you most ticklish or sensitive to touch?
Robin Marie - My neck and my lower stomach

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he be?
Robin Marie - Starburst, then u could suck on him the whole night lol

Ha Candy - Funniest Movie?
Robin Marie - Don't Be a Menace

Ha Candy - Most Romantic place?
Robin Marie - I love florida keys it's so pretty and romantic.

Ha Candy - Favorite album?
Robin Marie - Drake his lyrics are out this world.
Ha Candy - Fill in the blanks...
Ha Candy - The nicest thing I've ever done is:
Robin Marie - I try to make everyone happy
Ha Candy - I used to drink patron but now:
Robin Marie - I love Peach Ciroc lol

Ha Candy - Any Shout outs?
Robin Marie - Duncan Hines, Artae Ross, and my family.

Ha Candy - Thanks for hanging out with us, keep in touch!

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