May's Treat - Miss Kenge

Act Like a Model, Think Like a Business.

In case you thought the book and film “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” was bat shi# crazy and full of it here’s another dose of proof. Miss Kenge is more than a pretty face and figure eight curves. She’s a fitness/health consultant , party planner, and everything you need for your event or video. She can even teach the ladies how to use their “Female Swag" and give us a few ideas for our next party. All she said was Playboy Models, swings from the ceiling, and we were hooked. Enjoy

Interview for Hasan Johnson (Creator, Owner - Ha Candy Digital )
Interview by T.Mill

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy, how are you?
Miss Kenge - I’m blessed, for real! I can’t complain I’m loving life right now, and everything in it.

Ha Candy - There's tons of girls out there who come up with all types of excuses for weight loss. Share your story & thoughts and maybe they'll get up and make it happen.
Miss Kenge - Excuses … ooowww, No you didn’t !!! Well I don’t have an excuse for weight loss. I’m a thick chick and proud of it. However, a girl do gotta have tummy control and cellulite in check. But for real, I do have a weight loss plan and it consists of HCG for 40 days and 1 hour of cardio (constant incline) 5 days a week. Plus I work hard and am very determined. Any other secrets, and you gon have to pay for those.

Ha Candy - We've been looking for a partner in our money hustles, what
schemes do you have in mind?
Miss Kenge - Hmmm …that’s easy. No matter what people are going through people love to party. So I’ll sell the party along with the magazine. I’ll have some of the dopest females promote the party because ladies make the party. Will take it all over the world, t-shirts, dvd’s, key chains, hell… even bumper stickers. The key is to sell the brand; make it fun. That’s how you get money.

Ha Candy - If money could buy love (in some countries it does), but if it could buy love, how much would you spend?

Ha Candy - Our next party is down in Vegas at the Cathouse, in the Luxor. Can you help us pull off an unforgettable crazy sexy cool night?
Miss Kenge - Hell yeah … See that night would be special. It’d be like walking in heaven wit a little bit of freakiness. All white everything (We are throwing a crazy, sexy, cool party). I’d have the Victoria Secret Models serving drinks, wit da Playboy Bunnies on swings hanging from the ceiling … something you ain’t never seen! I might even have a white lion, LOL … hosted by the cast of the Hangover. NOW DATS A PARTY!

Ha Candy - Dare we ask, what is female swag?
Miss Kenge - Female Swag comes from within. You gotta be born with it. I’m all about UPLIFTING Women; FEMALE EMPOWERMENT … POWER TO THE P … (Ladies you feel me)!

Ha Candy - How will a woman know if she got swag or none at all?
Miss Kenge - Once again swag is something you born with. You’ll know if you got it if this quote pertains to you “Can’t be a follower always a trendsetter.”

Ha Candy - Tell us about ID Confirmed
Miss Kenge - ID Confirmed is a company that I got so much love for, they my family. But with my people it’s all about 1204 promotions: TEAM KENGE! That’s what we on, that’s what we about, I can’t see past that right now.

Ha Candy - The 411 Dating Game, what is that?
Miss Kenge - It’s a dating game that I can’t say I came up with, but that I brought new life to in my city, my area, my region. It’s more less a spinoff of the old 80’s dating game. 3 contestants 1 bachelor/bachlorette all vying to win a date with the bachelor/bachelorette. We go through rounds, have laughs with drinks and …VOILA!!!
Ha Candy - Any other hidden talents?
Miss Kenge - I’m very persuasive, sort of sneaky, you can even call it cunning, but in a good way LOL. Let’s just say my secret talent is getting what I want when I want it.

Ha Candy - We welcome any challenge, but our ladies would love to know how to swindle the fellas.
Miss Kenge - Okay sessions in, report to question 6. You gotta have swag and that’s something that comes from within. A man is naturally attracted to a woman, so you do what you do to get what you want … THEY DO!

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?
Miss Kenge - First of all a HE … would be a Lifesaver. 1st cause he’d have my back, 2nd because they taste so good, and 3rd cause it lasts, Oh…does it last!

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Miss Kenge - Sour Patch Kids – I’m really sweet, but can be sour, but once you get to the inside I’m really soft and mushy.

Ha Candy - Any shout outs?
Miss Kenge - Shout out to all my fans and supporters and everybody that’s rockin with Team Kenge. Anybody that shows luv, trust and believe will get it back. Of course 1204 Promotions and Mr.1204, Detroit Cake Mixx and my homeboy Duncan Hines.

Ha Candy - Thanks for hanging out with us.
Miss Kenge - No problem it’s been fun, it’s been real, and I got to be myself!