June's Treat - Liz Chavez

"Liz Chavez"
Ladies, if we may be so daring to give some advice on dating, here it is... "Grow Some Personality." Your sex appeal alone isn’t enough to keep a guy interested in you, unless you're still hanging out at the same clubs you went to in college. We went down under this month to find the coolest, sexiest, chocolate cake loving hooli girl we could find. Sometimes we just want to talk, then get to the fun stuff. You can’t hold a guy’s attention for too long if he can find the same thing somewhere else in less than 24 hrs. I dare you to find someone as interesting as our Monthly Treat. A Hooli girl for the MMA clothing line, born in Texas near a Naval Base she spent most her childhood and teenage years in Perth Australia. Can you say “Dual Citizenship”?? Mix that with some Mexican heritage, and you get a 32DD-24-32 fun, athletic, “Queen of Cake” by the name of Liz Chavez. Don’t blink or she’ll steal your socks, and hide in her handbag lol. Enjoy mate!

Interview by T.Mill - www.paradoxeast.com
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Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Magazine, how are you?
Liz Chavez - I'm really well thank you. Things have been super busy with modeling, in fact I only just finished a shoot with photographer Lexx Colson, so I'm really excited to see the results.

Ha Candy - How does fitness & health fit into your lifestyle?
Liz Chavez - Fitness and health play a huge role in my life, both past and present. I have always been involved in sports, even from a really young age and I love having a healthy outlook on nutrition and am interested in the role it plays in helping me to achieve my fitness goals.

Ha Candy - Couple of us are going to buy our girlfriend some " Onzola " for Christmas, is that cool or what?
Liz Chavez - I am absolutely infatuated with the Oznola brand! All of the items are very flattering to the female figure, the colors are bold and the designs are so unique, which is what attracted me to them in the first place. I feel like all girls should have a signature style, or an item of clothing where you always get asked "where'd you get that from?", and Oznola is the only clothing line where I feel has that impact.  ( http://www.shopoznola.com/ )

Ha Candy - Do you think she'll buy us some MMA tickets or at least buy us some Hooligan Gear?
Liz Chavez - Well if she doesn't take you to an MMA match, then she should DEFINITELY get you some Hooligans United gear! If you can't be with the MMA champs, then you can at least dress like one! And damn, does the Hooligans gear make a guy stand out! :)

Ha Candy - I get the feeling you have a very funny, crazy, or embarrassing story?
Liz Chavez - I have many, many crazy and embarrassing stories, haha! Probably the one that really affected me the most growing up was when I decided to get my long hair cut into a nice short bob at the tender and influential age of 14. And that short bob ended up looking like a bowl cut. I literally looked like a little Mexican boy or Moe from the 3 Stooges... And to make matters worse, we had family photos done that year, so that horrible memory has been solidified in print... For EVERYONE to see. Especially new boyfriends.

Ha Candy - We hear that Kings,Park & Perth Zoo are worth checking out. Where else would you take us to hang out in Perth Australia.
Liz Chavez - King's Parks is a wonderful place to check out, but if you really want to get a feel for the Aussie culture I'd probably take you to some of the wonderful beaches we have.... Maybe I'd let you ride a kangaroo or wrestle a crocodile ;P

Ha Candy - What's the weather like year round?
Liz Chavez - It's very similar to LA weather. Hot but gorgeous summers and cold, somewhat rainy winters.
Ha Candy - You studied Human Movement? Is that what we think it is?
Liz Chavez - Haha! No, it's not what it sounds like. Probably would have been more interesting if it was. It's the study of Kinesiology; like sports science, rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy etc. :P

Ha Candy - What horror movie is guaranteed to keep you cuddled up to us and bring out the scaredie cat in you?
Liz Chavez - I really don't get scared when it comes to scary movies, the gorier and scarier the better!! Rob Zombie movies are a favorite of mine.... In fact, I think it would be you cuddling up to me.
Ha Candy - Between fitness, Australia, & MMA is it safe to say you can kick some ass?
Liz Chavez - Well I'm not sure I would kick anyone's ass in a physical sense, but I can be very sarcastic, so if you get me in a verbal debate, I can cut you down a few notches. :P

Ha Candy - If you had the best training, and could go One on One for Three rounds with anybody, who would it be?
Liz Chavez - I would love to "fight"  Jonathan Brookins, only because he's a mate of mine and I would love to teach him a lesson or two! (I say that in jest of course, because it wouldn't be much of a fight, we'd prob be cracking up the whole time).

Ha Candy - Do you follow the fitness trends or do your own thing?
Liz Chavez - No, I've never been much for fitness trends, I prefer to do my own thing.

Ha Candy - What do you find irresistible in a guy?
Liz Chavez - I like a guy that has a little mystery to him. When a guy gives too much away, there's nothing left to discover, so I can become bored fairly fast.

Ha Candy - Whats the sexiest thing a guy has ever done to/for you?
Liz Chavez - I think it's all the little things that count, they're the things that I find sexy, like holding the door open or cleaning up the whole house then making me dinner and running my bath.... Too much? Haha.

Ha Candy - Fill in the blanks...
1. I am the best - 
Liz Chavez - Procrastinator
2. People are surprised to know what I - 
Liz Chavez - Can hide and fit in my handbag.
3. I used to - 
Liz Chavez - Always wear odd socks. But now I -just steal people's socks and wear everyone else's odd socks.
4. My favorite dirty word is - 
Liz Chavez - "Antidisestablishmentariansim". Try saying that while you're getting it on.... So, so dirty.
5. I will never - 
Liz Chavez - Call my child "Todd", "Kyle"or "Cameron"... Or any of those goofy, f*cking boy names... As comedian George Carlin and my good friend Igz have so correctly expressed!!

Ha Candy - Any Shout outs?
Liz Chavez - I'd love to give a shout out to my fabulous photographer Lexx Colson, who works with me on so many huge projects and all of my fellow teammates on the Vitrix Model Team!!

Ha Candy - What advice do you have for other girls looking to follow in your footsteps?
Liz Chavez - Don't ever think you're 'all that' like so many 'models' do. Stay grounded and remember the friends, family and people who helped you to get where you're at, because without them, you ain't shit homie slice.

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?
Liz Chavez - MMmmmmm candy....Wait, what was the question? :)

At the University of Western Australia, Liz studied human movement and is now a fitness model for Nutrex and a fully-fledged member of the Vitrix Model Team.  Liz is also a new “Hooli Girl” for the international MMA clothing line Hooligan's United, which has been worn by MMA stars like Dan Hardy. ( http://hooligansunited.com/HooligansUnited/Links.html )

Look out for her joining “Oznola clothing”  on their new line and representing a lot of their designs. http://www.shopoznola.com/  And be sure to catch her in the new video“Angels Calling”  by R&B and Reggae artist Khamelien.

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