July's Treat - Angelina Meliana

Angelina Meliana 
“ La Donna Trifecta - Beauty, Brains, & Success” 
Italian, Irish and black - ”Il nostro preferito “ -  This bombshell is as explosive as a bag of pop rocks in a balloon. Angelina cuts up with us about her life lessons,  teaching women a thing or two about confidence and what REAL men want. Oh.... and did we mention she’s a sexpert!? How come my girlfriends can’t have a best friend like her? Of course the bigger question is “Why is she still single?“ Maybe we're the only ones that can handle this trifecta of a monthly treat. 

Brought to you by - Hasan Johnson

Interview by - T.Mill

Ha Candy - What have you learned in life thus far that has enlightened you the most?

A.M – To be true to you, No body can do it better than you can and I have learned to not compare myself to anyone else. God made me the way he wanted me to be because in his eyes he made me a creation of what “perfection” meant to him. I have also learned to always remain in a position where I am dependant on NO ONE. I stand on my own, make it on my own and spend it on my own.

Ha Candy - If you had to spend 1 million dollars on 7 things what would they be?

A.M – If I have to spend a million dollars on 7 things the first 2 would be getting my parents out of debt. Pay off their homes, cars etc.  The 3rd thing would be to have my daughters college education paid in full all the way through graduate school so she wouldn’t have to struggle working 2 jobs and going to college like I did. The 4th thing would be to donate money to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital for childhood disease research. The 5th -7th thing would be to travel the world, I am a  huge world traveler and I believe until you have really stepped outside the box and all this world has to offer, you have never really lived…

Ha Candy - Give some real advice to teenage girls and young women who struggle with confidence and self esteem. None of that Dr. Phil crap lol!

A.M - I would tell them to believe in themselves first, all women are beautiful and made to be individual, Embrace your imperfections and work with them instead of against them. You don’t need ass shots, hair extensions, lip injections, breast implants etc to be beautiful, 90% of REAL men don’t want a FAKE ass woman anyway and if you think about it, how the hell are you going to look when your 40-50 years old all stuffed will silicon. Not a good look I’m sure. My imperfections are the things that make me unique from the rest of the world and I love being me, I don't know how to be anyone else.

Ha Candy- Your a self proclaimed "Sexpert". Exploring yourself and what pleases you what have you found?

A.M - Me a Sexpert? Well HELL YA!! I love experimenting and exploring my body as well as my mans body’s… I want to know what pleases him and takes him to the top. I have found that adding a bit of oil to any exploration of my body, enhances the sensations and increases my stimulation.

Ha Candy - What do you like most about Ha Candy Magazine?

A.M – What I like most about Ha Candy Magazine is that even though the pictures are very sexual they are not trashy. The magazine is very professional and show cases women of all backgrounds and body types. You appeal to all the likings of a man.

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?

A.M – If I was a candy I would have to be a package of Pop Rocks. They entice you into wanting you to place them in your mouth and when you do they sit on your tongue and tickle your senses, then before you know it; it’s an all out flavor explosion…lol! Yep that would be me!

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he or she be?

A.M – MMMMMM’ maybe a sour patch kid….sweet yet sour and juicy…I love placing them in my mouth and sucking on them…that tinge of sour flavor makes your lips pucker, yet yearn for more…

Ha Candy- Are you currently dating?

A.M - No I'm happily single; seems that Beauty, Brains and Success is a turn off to some guys these days. Matter of fact the biggest compliment I get from most men I meet is that I am a very intimidating woman.

Ha Candy - You’re not attracted to douche bags, and the weak silent type, check! What do you find irresistible in a guy?

A.M - I am attracted to a man with ambition, goals, determination oh and tattoos! The man I date needs to grind as hard as I grind. He must be  respectable, humble and carry himself with class, yet still have that edge of a bad boy. I don’t need a purse snatcher on my hip looking for money. I need an “if I shine you shine” type fella.
Ha Candy - Before you leave you must promise to send us our very own photo of you perfecting the "Full Split"

A.M – HAHAHAHA! You got it! Been practicing that for a while now. Almost got that bounce in it too

Ha Candy - What made you get into modeling?

A.M - Well.... funny as it may seem; I was at a night club when a photographer approached about me about a project he was working on for his portfolio, he needed a sexy, outgoing, fun female with a versatile look. He asked if I would be interested in collaborating with him and of course I said YES! The pictures came out beautiful and his fans adored me.... needless to say that was my welcoming entrance to the world!

Twitter: @angelinameliana
Website: www.angelinameliana.com
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