September's Treat - Elicia Solis

Ha Candy Five-0
By: Tim Miller (Staff Writer)

We've found Bullfighters, iron maiden, grammy winners, adult actors turned pop stars, and so much more in Ilford Essex, yet no one as awesome as Elicia Solis. This UK glamour model graduated Business & Law, climbed the career ladder in the Police Force for 6 years? (Hope she still has that uniform & handcuffs lol)

After much success with her modeling and television work, she’s now independent, presenting on Bluebird TV (Adult TV), and topless in “Midweek Sport” a.k.a “Sunday Sport." One of the biggest newspaper tabloids in the UK.

You now have the right to remain silent, and satisfied.  Enjoy!

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Elicia, how are you?

Elicia Solis - Hiya, I'm good thank you :)

Ha Candy - Your resume is Bad Ass! Graduating, Business & Law, 6 year career in the police force, and everything you're doing now. Why did you choose law, and what made you change your career?

Elicia Solis - Lol, it sure is, just shows you that you should never judge a book by its cover. My change of career started when I did my 1st shoot in August 2011 and was offered a management contract, then things started progressing quickly.  I was still working for the Metropolitan Police at the time, I was becoming bored with it and within 8 months my modeling work was earning me more money then the Met Police so I decided to hang up my uniform for a sexier option ;)
Ha Candy - Did you see any action on the police force? What did you do there during that time of your life?

Elicia Solis - Oh yes, I saw a lot of action in the police force, I was tasked with orchestrating dramatic responses to criminal events, I oversaw everything from domestic altercations to anti terror operations and gun sieges.

Ha Candy - How did guys react when they learned you were in the Police Force?

Elicia Solis - Guys loved it, especially the bad boys, it was turn on for them to be dating a cop, lol ;)

Ha Candy - When people meet you, what are they most surprised to learn about you?

Elicia Solis - They are most surprised to learn that I was in the police force and that I am a really friendly down to earth person.

Ha Candy - Have you ever done anything dangerous or required a ton of guts to pull off?

Elicia Solis - I have but I am sworn to secrecy.

Ha Candy - Tell us about Bluebird TV & can you “Tivo” us some episodes of you?

Elicia Solis - Bluebird TV is an adult tv channel on UK Sky TV (channels 935 936 940 & 942). Basically the tv station is where fans can call up and speak to and watch their favorite glamour models and porn stars live. It is an interactive phone sex tv channel. Outside of UK can still watch Bluebird TV live at www.bluebird.tv :)

Ha Candy - Right now in your career/life what's the biggest piece of advice you can offer the ladies out here?

Elicia Solis - Work hard, always stay professional, appreciate your fans and your team around you and most importantly stay humble, no one wants to employ a diva.
Ha Candy - Do you still have your police uniform & handcuffs? What other uniforms/professions would you try on for a day?

Elicia Solis - Unfortunately, I have to give those back when I left in March but I did manage to do a sexy strip tease photo shoot in my official uniform beforehand, those pictures have not been released yet ;)

Ha Candy - What catches & keeps your interest in a guy/girl?

Elicia Solis - A guy that can make me laugh and keep me smiling.

Ha Candy - You strike me as the type with an extremely funny story or two, please share.

Elicia Solis - Hmmmm, when I first started working on Bluebird TV, I answered the
phone to one of my callers saying 'Hello, your through to the police, how can I help you? lol.

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best? If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?

Elicia Solis - I would say I'm Chocolate because I'm smooth, sweet and romantic. Almost everyone loves me and the ones that don't are crazy!  I always leave them wanting more ;)  My lover would have to be a Galaxy chocolate caramel ;)

Ha Candy - So, now you’ve been around the Ha Candy factory, how do you like it?

Elicia Solis - I love the Ha Candy factory, can I take up residency here ;)

Ha Candy - Any shout outs, upcoming news, events?

Elicia Solis - I want to thank Ha Candy for having me today, to my amazing mum for all the support she gives me and sending out love to all my fans :)

Fill in the blanks...
Ha Candy - I am the best - 
Elicia Solis - Posing
Ha Candy - I love it when a man - 
Elicia Solis -Brings me flowers
Ha Candy - I wish women would stop - 
Elicia Solis -Bitching
Ha Candy - I used to be shy but now I - 
Elicia Solis - Am a sex kitten ;)
Ha Candy - My favorite naughty word is - 
Elicia Solis -Cock
Ha Candy - When I’m super excited and nobody is around I like to - 
Elicia Solis - Play with my vibrator
Ha Candy - What separates me from other models is - 
Elicia Solis - I am business minded
Ha Candy - For one of my followers/fans that leave a comment on this interview I will -
Elicia Solis - Shout them out on twitter

Elicia is currently in the process of launching her brand new website www.elicia-solis.com.
You can catch up with her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EliciaSolisX 
& Twitter: https://twitter.com/EliciaSolis

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