October's Treat - Heather Shanholtz

Heather Shanholtz is ready for some action!

Born in Baltimore Maryland, Heather Shanholtz is the total package. She’s taken hold of her career since 16, dropping out of High School and obtaining her GED to enroll in college early for Paralegal studies. The experience of working in a Law firm helped Heather manage her career by herself. Thinking outside the box is how she achieved so many goals in such a short time (appearing in a diverse range of advertisements and spokesperson deals). Within a year she’s been featured in over 20 national magazines. You may catch her in the mobile food truck “Aphrodisiac Ice Cream” on TV or on her built in stripper pole. Heather's incredible figure has been the muse for some of todays best swimwear designers. She also hangs out at the Playboy mansion from time to time lol. When Heather’s not skydiving, four wheeling, shooting guns or working her professional pole dancing skills, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. So viewers get ready for Miss Heather Shanholtz…this monthly treat just may be too sweet for you!

Interview by T.Miller - Staff Writer - tmill@hacandy.com
Brought to you by Hasan Johnson
 Photos by: Amaginations

Ha Candy - Welcome Heather to the Ha Candy factory, how are you?
Heather Shanholtz - Doing good.

Ha Candy - You just completed stunt school. Takes a special sexy woman to play dirty, tell us what why you took stunt classes and what it was like.
Heather Shanholtz - I want to transition into acting and I thought what better way to attend stunt school and be in the same city for a month, reset my schedule to something more on a routine type of schedule and get myself away from the modeling for a little bit.
Ha Candy - How bad is your shoe obsession?
Heather Shanholtz - Pretty bad.  I own over 400 pairs.  Its my fetish.  LOL!

Ha Candy - What other extreme sports are you interested in?
Heather Shanholtz - Skydiving, shooting guns, paint balling and anything active and adventurous.

Ha Candy - As adventurous as you are, what kind of man keeps your attention?
Heather Shanholtz - Someone that is active and that can make me laugh.  He has to be goal oriented, motivated and driven.

Ha Candy - Tell us about Aphrodisiac Ice Cream and Flying Pasties.
Heather Shanholtz - Aphrodisiac Ice Cream is an ice cream truck in Miami that has Playboy & Maxim models serving up the goods equipped w/ 2 stripper poles on top of the truck. They also have a golf cart that has a stripper pole and a freezer on the back to make it more accessible for golfing, beach and other events.  We are available for private parties, events, music videos, publications, interviews, etc. www.AphrodisiacIceCream.com. Flying Pasties is a company I spokesmodel for that provides travelers with privacy when going through the scanners at airports.  Check out more about them at: www.flyingpasties.com
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Ha Candy - What movie character would you love to have played or remake?
Heather Shanholtz - Catwoman. I think she's awesome. I love the feistiness and mysterious side of her. Plus I would get to be adventurous and dress up in latex. Meow!

Ha Candy - Any advice for aspiring models that look up to your achievements and hard work?
Heather Shanholtz - If that's what you really want go for it and don't take no for an answer. The best way to get your portfolio started is to hire a professional photographer with a good name right away. I didn't do that for years and my career didn't go anywhere until I did. I suggest Justin Price, his work is amazing and he's professional. Do a google search for modeling agencies in your area, call and set up an appointment. If someone tells you no go to the next agency or booking. If you really want it and work hard for it you can do it.

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best? If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?
Heather Shanholtz - I'd say a snickers bar.  I'm sweet like chocolate and I'm also a little nutty. The name snickers describes me to because I'm always laughing. Lol! My man would be a good and plenty Lol! The name really says it all.

Ha Candy - When someone gets to know you , what would they be most surprised to learn about you?
Heather Shanholtz - That I am extremely intelligent. Before modeling I was a paralegal and a civil engineer. I also own a web and graphic design company.

Ha Candy - Now that you’ve toured the Ha Candy factory what do you think about it?
Heather Shanholtz - I love it and thanks for having me as a part of the movement!

Ha Candy - Any Shoutouts?
Heather Shanholtz - Shoutouts to my family, friends & fans I love all of you guys!!!

Ha Candy - Finish these sentences. I am the best -
Heather Shanholtz - friend you could have.
Ha Candy - I love it when a man -
Heather Shanholtz - makes me smile.
Ha Candy - I wish women would stop -
Heather Shanholtz - hating on one another.
Ha Candy - My bedroom is -
Heather Shanholtz - my sanctuary.
Ha Candy - My "---" gets the most attention when i’m out in public -
Heather Shanholtz - boobs.
Ha Candy - For one of my followers/fans that leave a comment on this interview it will -
Heather Shanholtz - make me smile :D

 www.heathershanholtz.com  www.facebook.com/ModelHeather  www.twitter.com/HShanholtz

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