December's Treat - Ayisha Diaz

 Ayisha Diaz
Bad Girls do it well, Ayisha does it best.

Representing Omaha Nebraska, she’s just as unique. Don’t let the pretty face fool you, there’s a Dragon underneath this Dominican bombshell, 5’5 / 34-27-39.  Ayisha stops by to share her gift & curse experiences in the industry while having fun in the process. Too bad Twinkies are going out of business. Ask her why...lol

Interview by Tim Miller for Ha Candy Magazine
Ha Candy is brought to you by: Hasan Johnson (owner, creator)

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy, how are you?
Ayisha Diaz - I'm doing pretty good, work been coming in pretty fast

Ha Candy - What city are you representing? (and tell us what you like most about it)
Ayisha Diaz - Omaha Nebraska. I just like it cause it's far unique and it's in the Midwest

Ha Candy - If beauty & brains is a gift & curse,tell us about yours. (What's the good and bad about your looks & success?)
Ayisha Diaz - looks - I can't go no where with out people starring so when I go out the house looking busted I be uncomfortable cause every one is starring but I make the best out of it and make money from it 

Ha Candy - Your nickname is “Dragon?"  (Tell us how you got that name & why)
Ayisha Diaz - lol it's different reasons why they call me that, let's just say that's my other personality and she's serious 

Ha Candy -  Of all the videos you’ve done, which was more crazy & memorable?
Ayisha Diaz - I can't think nothing off the top of my head but we're always freezing, extra hot or it stinks lol

Ha Candy - If you weren't modeling what else would you love to do?
Ayisha Diaz - working at my parents club but I was born to do this!

Ha Candy - What do you say to the women who find your style of modeling “Offensive, tasteless, intimidating, or distracting?"
Ayisha Diaz - Some body has to do it, like it or not it's entertaining and we like the attention. They can't be mad, cause it's our life. Believe it or not it's not that bad, depends on how you carry your self.  The female body is beautiful why hide it?

Ha Candy - Your photo shoots are pretty damn hot! Any advice for aspiring models & photographers?
Ayisha Diaz - models - the more relaxed you are the better and don't take no pictures your not comfortable with. And showing more wont get you more! Photographers -soft on the photoshop, stop holding the pictures hostage and so you won't be known as a pervert don't touch or make sexual comments on the models! It makes us feel awkward

Ha Candy - Everyone has a crazy, fun, wild story. What's yours?
Ayisha Diaz - My life is crazy lol, I wish I had a break from wild moments but best fun time is when I'm visiting family

Ha Candy - When Hollywood comes calling, what roles would you like to play & who would you like to star alongside?
Ayisha Diaz - The bad girl in the movie. I don't have a special person I would like to work with but Meagan Good would be one, that would be nice

Ha Candy - Who or what inspires you to work so hard?
Ayisha Diaz - My future. I just think about the life I need, I refuse to live a life I don't want or like

Ha Candy - There’s an awesome song called “Man in the mirror”. A portion of the chorus sings “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change”  - What personal changes are you making?
Ayisha Diaz - lol maybe I can stop littering! Beside that I would stop being so nice to people who wish me wrong
 Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he be?
Ayisha Diaz - Sweet and Sour Patch Kids
Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Ayisha Diaz -  A Twinkie lmfao or a Cry Baby
Finish these sentences...
I am the best - Sister ever

Few people know that I - Hate waking up in the morning

I’m attracted to - A man who has his shit together and I don't need to help build

I”m annoyed by - Phony people that say hi one day and the next day they don't know you

More women should - Stick together so we can take over completely

I used to be in love - But now I want to be single forever     

In 2 years I will be - On the road still building my future

Ha Candy - Thanks for hanging out with us Ayisha
Ayisha Diaz - Take care.

Ayisha's website: www.ayishadiaz.com