Hasan's Treats Of Ha Candy's Past

Treats of Ha Candy's Past

This December we celebrate Hasan's 5 most viewed Monthly Treats. These beautiful woman have garnered a lot of attention here & we hope to have them back in Ha Candy with new images & career updates. For now we'll celebrate the X-mas holiday with the Treats of Ha Candy's Past. Enjoy...

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Thanks to these beautiful women for their time and illustrations...

Happy Holidays from Hasan & the entire Ha Candy staff.

Hasan's November Treat - Desana Moses

Desana Moses

Beautiful, driven, and down right sexy is all I can really say about Desana Moses. She much more than a pretty face believe me. This girl is going places...and I bet you guys are wishing you were going along for the ride. Let's go!

Ha Candy - Desana, tell us where you're from & where you reside now?
Desana Moses -  DC area

Ha Candy - Is modeling temporary for you or do you see yourself doing this for a long time?
Desana Moses - I think I'm doing this for now and will expand my brand in Spa acts later on

Ha Candy - Modeling always looks so glamorous & easy. Tell us the hardest part about this profession…
Desana Moses - really be confident and knowing you got it! Never down yourself

Ha Candy - You're very beautiful, do you get hated on by insecure girls? And are guys intimidated to approach you?
Desana Moses - honestly I've always received compliments nothing insulting! Guys always approach me!

Ha Candy - Finish this story. Dear Diary - (Tell us a true story about you, funny, embarrassing, sexy, anything that's true)
Desana Moses - lol! Ummmm I love to travel and enjoy meeting new ppl!

Ha Candy - At what age did you realize you were hot?? lol
Desana Moses - lol ummm all my life!

Ha Candy - We all like a little drama so I have to ask… is there any entertainer, model or photographer you used to admire until to met them? I've met a few who've ended up being assholes lol.
Desana Moses - hummm actually yes! Some of the girls and guys I've met in industry! You think they are big time will u get to know them and they are just living to get by! Smh

Ha Candy -  If you had 3 super powers, what would they be?
Desana Moses -  X-ray vision, invisible powers, read ppl minds !!! Lol

Ha Candy - Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Personally & professionally...
Desana Moses - personally with a family and married! Professionally I will have my Day Spa open!

Ha Candy - What's more attractive to you, looks or personality?
Desana Moses - personality

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Desana Moses - hummm sour patch kids! Lol

Ha Candy - What candy describes your lover best?
Desana Moses - milk chocolate!

Ha Candy - Now that we've given you the grand tour, tell us what you think about Ha Candy magazine...
Desana Moses -  love it! Thank you for the opportunity and we have a great year ahead! Follow my Instagram: DesanaMoses and Twitter: @desana88 my website: www.desanamoses.com

Hasan's October Treat - Nikkii Nashay

Nikkii Nashay

One thing is love is a honest woman. A woman who tells you what she thinks and how she feels. It's so rare now a days that when I see it it's a instant turn on. With saying that, let me introduce you to the beautiful Nikkii Nashay. She's smart, sexy and brutally honest. Listen as Nikkii opens up about her life, career, love, make up sex, her girl crush and much more! Like I said...I love a honest woman.
- Audio Interview -

For info or interviews contact tmill@hacandy.com

Twitter - @nikkiinashay

Hasan's August Treat - Ashley Salazar

Ashley Salazar

It’s an honor and a pleasure to deliver this month's treat. This Playboy Miss Social of the year served our country as a Security Forces Officer in the Air Force. She's an actress, a certified CPR instructor and  MMA fighter! After losing her home to Hurricane Katrina she survived and was later awarded for her efforts in the medical field and community. Ha Candy Magazine is proud to present Ashley Salazar, our decorated Monthly Treat.

Interview by T.Mill for Ha Candy Magazine - tmill@hacandy.com - tmillonline.com

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Magazine Ashley, how are you?
Ashley Salazar - I think its a honor anytime someone wants to interview you and I enjoy doing them.

Ha Candy - Thank you and everyone else who serves our country. You achieved so much while serving in the Air Force. Tell us about serving as a Security Forces Officer.
Ashley Salazar - During my enlistment time I served for six months as a Security Forces Augmentee, I  was a SSgt then and almost finished with my 6 year term. They say certain jobs in the Air Force can be more tight nit and the Security  Forces Squadron was no exception. Least to say my brothers and sisters  in arms were all very close and we looked out for each other. I enjoyed  being a officer and almost considered at once time re-enlisting and  changing career to military police force. I'm not sure what it was about  carrying a gun around all day but I felt very powerful and even sexy.

Ha Candy - Can we be your CPR mannequin ?
Ashley Salazar - Oh yes sure you can :) Well during my time at Scott Air Force Base (Ofallon, IL) I was a base CPR instructor which meant I taught and  regulated classes for the whole base. If you were ever certified in CPR  by AMC while I was at Scott you would have been in my class, just about  every single military and civilian personnel.

Ha Candy - What happened to you in 2005 ?
Ashley Salazar - Hurricane Katrina impacted my life like nothing I had ever been  through before. Growing up I had always had a fascination for weather  especially the extremes of it like a hurricane. The amount of  destruction I witnessed and went through personally as a living resident  where the eye of the storm hit in Biloxi, MS is describable. I remember  when it first started I was in the basement ER Xray room shooting a  patient and water just started rushing in and people started screaming.  My family and I sheltered at Keesler Air Force Base hospital and it was  mandatory for me to stay and take care of the patients because I was one  of the most experienced technicians and higher ranking SSgt.

The  two weeks immediately following the hurricane I worked for 24 hours non  stop in a make shift outside deployment tent as our entire hospital was  deemed condemned because of mold infestation. I even had to send my daughter away with family for three months because the military could  not cope with providing any care past its actual enlisted military  members our base was destroyed by 30 foot storm surge. Three months  after Katrina I was relocated to Scott AFB after losing my home. But I survived.

Ha Candy - In 2008 you won several impacting medals & awards such as  (BTZ, Diagnostic Imaging Airman of the Year (AMC), Humanitarian medal,  and Achievement Medal. ) Can you share some of the criteria of those.
Ashley Salazar - BTZ  is now as "below the zone" for Senior Airman promotion in the Air  Force. It's the first promotional you can qualify to get six months  early if you are a outstanding troop amongst your peers. Diagnostic  Imaging Airman of the Year (AMC) was presented to me when I was awarded  BTZ, I was quite the go getter even back then beating out hundreds of  other technicians from my career field to take the regional command  title.

My Humanitarian  medal was presented to me for my efforts during my care rendered to  patients during the hurricane and the post aftermath of it as well as  helping to rebuild the surrounding community. The medal that I have  always been most proud of is my Achievement Medal which I was presented  for my service as a base Honor Guard member for Kessler AFB and Scott  AFB performing over 800 military special ceremonies and funeral services  to active duty, retired and veteran United States Service Members. 

Ha Candy - Not only can you save lives but you can kick ass too.
Ashley Salazar - 1st fight 36 sec TKO, something inside of me was unlocked that night I never knew I had inside me.  MMA  is one of my many loves, I just got offered a fight after so many ring girl gigs and was like why not? I did do six years in the Air Force right? I'm not scared to fight, in fact it gives me a sense of drive like I have never seen before in me.

It  would be very interesting to see if my life takes me down a path one day of serious MMA commitment and what would come from that. 2nd fight  was bad call by the ref, I never tapped and tried to rematch the girl  for a year after. For me, I wear so many hats in my life so the hardest  part for me is to keep them all balanced out. I will say this I actually  just joined a new gym today and can personally tell you that I am  independence training at the moment.

The  local MMA gym I have discussed training with is Academy of Courage so  if I go back into fighting it will be with them. I don't think the cage  has seen the last of me just quite yet there's a lot there still for me  to express.

Ha Candy - So if you take a vacation with us to a farm, and we get  attacked by night walking creatures, you can totally protect us? Tell us  about the movie “Farm”
Ashley Salazar - Of course I can I know how to lock and load baby! Playing "Sarah" as the female lead of Farm was quite awesome. My film was nominated by several film festivals which it premiered. It can also be purchased at  several major outlets. We filmed for weeks at a time, and all became a family even eating meals together at the kitchen table in farm. It was a  lot of fun working with all the other actors, and film crew.

Ha Candy - What does being "Playboy Miss Social of the Year" mean to you?
Ashley Salazar - Its one of my dreams, there hasn't been a Playmate from Missouri for  many years now but the ones who were became PB legends in their own  rightful ways. I would also like to one day be a published Playboy photographer as I like to dabble in both sides of the lens.

Ha Candy - How do you say “ I love you Ha Candy Ooh la la “ in spanish?
Ashley Salazar - lol thats a mouthful! MOLL (Miss Ooh La La)  is my baby, she's something I plan on doing for rest of my life as a writer. If I see talent, I like to write about it!

Ha Candy - How many hats do you wear in a typical day?
Ashley Salazar - Mom, partner, career woman, it can be a lot to juggle. I'm not attending school right now but I plan to go back soon.

Ha Candy -  If your lover were a piece of candy what would he be?
Ashley Salazar - Sweet Tart
Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Ashley Salazar - Jawbreaker, I last a long time

Ha Candy - What do you like about Ha Candy Magazine?
Ashley Salazar - All the beautiful ladies of course!!!! And the editorial team for writing about us!


Hasan's July Treat - Lois Shine

Lois Shine

This month our delivery is international (by way of the Caribbean & Paris). The beautiful Lois Shine visits the Ha Candy factory to talk about video games, tattoos, big asses and superheroes. It don’t get any better than this.

Interview by T.Mill 
tmill@hacandy.com   www.tmillonline.com

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Magazine, how are you?
Lois Shine - I’m great thank you.

Ha Candy - Which of your origins makes up the most of you?
Lois Shine -  Caribbean!! For my skin color but in paris we have a lot of sun!!! And for my Ass I don't like a small ass lmfao
Ha Candy - Can you speak any other languages? (Tell us something sexy!)
Lois Shine -  I speak a little German I forget a little bit every year.

Ha Candy - Tell us the story behind your tattoos.
Lois Shine - I have a tattoo on my lower belly its a drawing I once did.  After I did a Maori tattoo this symbolized the destiny. On my back after my finger with my name and just two weeks ago I did my arms angel!! Because I want to write demon for balance!!! And here Stay true to be free to remember that's why the people like me

Ha Candy - If you could Vacation anywhere where would you go?
Lois Shine - I would like to go in japan, china and Thailand

Ha Candy - You play some of our favorite video games, think you can take us on?
Lois Shine - I sure can, bring it on....

Ha Candy - If we win what do we get, and if you win, what do you want?
Lois Shine -  Lol if I win you offer me a place in a big model agency with a home in LA! If I lose I’ll buy you a home in LA, ha ha ha.
Ha Candy - Your name totally sounds like it could be a video game character. If they made a game after you what would it be about & would you be the villain or hero?
Lois Shine - That's for  sure, I’d  play a villain lol! A dark girl so bad! To be sexy is my power, if a boy see me he dies lol

Ha Candy - What do you enjoy most about modeling & how did you get started?
Lois Shine -  I like modeling because I can be myself.  And that's so fantastic, just to be sexy! And that's true, I like when people call me sexy &  beautiful!! I know that's luck, I began practicing modeling in september 2012. A model agency in Paris saw a holiday pic of me wearing a red dress.

Ha Candy - What is irresistible about you and what do you find irresistible in a guy/girl?
Lois Shine - Oh I think  My eyes and my smile!!! And for me the irresistible about a guy is the body I like strong man and if he have a big ass yes that the same for a men lol
Ha Candy - Do you have any secret powers or cool talents?
Lois Shine -  No I don't have a real secret, I'm natural and I don't practice sports lol.

Ha Candy - Finish this story “Dear Ha Candy Diary” -
Lois Shine - A story about my shooting! A day I went to see my brother and after talking he wanted to see pics of me!! But thats strange for me, he has not left me any choice, he got on google!! I Screamed and I ran to shut down the computer.

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best? & If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?
Lois Shine -  I’m sweet and sour at same time like a jelly belly! My lover would be Carmel

Ha Candy - Now that you know what we like about you, tell us what you like about Ha Candy Magazine...
Lois Shine - It’s a cool digital magazine and I think I'm luckier to be between amongst all these  sexy girls

Ha Candy - Thanks Lois, we wish you much success and hope you stop by again sometime.
Want to be a Ha Candy model? Submit you're images and info to - Submissions@HaCandy.com

Hasan's June Treat - Nina Mercedez

There's nothing sexier than a beautiful, smart, hot, successful, professional, confident, independent woman. That may sound like a lot but believe me this rare breed does exists. We actually happen to have one as our June Monthly Treat.

Meet Nina Mercedez, if you guys think she looks familiar you are correct. Nina has graced the screens of many adult films leaving guys all over the world mesmerized. She's a focused hard worker who has taken her beauty & brains to new & exciting heights. 

We had a chance to sit down with Miss Mercedez and we soon realized she's more than that seductive beauty on the screen. She's a boss with a hustler's spirit. Watch her work!

    Interview by: Hasan Johnson

Ha Candy - Hello Nina welcome to Ha Candy, how are you?
Nina Mercedez - I am great, staying busy always!

Ha Candy - We're excited about you being here so let's get straight to business lol. How did you get into the adult film industry?
Nina Mercedez - I started out modeling then became a international feature dancer. I won pageant, covered virtually every magazine including Playboy and Penthouse. The next step was adult, I signed with Vivid and then started my own production company. It was a gradual and comfortable step.

Ha Candy - Where are you from & what's your nationality?
Nina Mercedez - I am from Corpus Christi, Texas and I am Italian, Mexican/Aztec

Ha Candy - Were you always this beautiful or were you one of those awkward girls who developed late lol?
Nina Mercedez - I was not always beautiful LOL I was even on Jenny Jones from Geek to Sheik. I was awkward till I was about 16 yrs old.

Ha Candy - You're not only beautiful, you're a hustler. You run 5 companies, just launched a photography studio & about to launch a bikini & jewelry line. Tell us about that...
Nina Mercedez - Yes I run a management agency called Feature Elite, My production Company HeartBreaker Films, I have 18 contract girls, I am their webmaster under my company XxxFastPass. My photography company Desperado Digital just started to take off and is getting photos published in Mainstream magazines. My current project is La Scorpia Swimwear I am at the beginning stages but things are looking great. I stay very busy!

Ha Candy - I respect grinders so I applaud all of your ventures. Do you ever get time to just relax & soak it all in?
Nina Mercedez - Rarely my priority is XxxFastPass, my contract girls. They have me 24/7 and when your dealing with 18 top name stars someone always needs something. I am not only their webmaster for some I am a mentor and to all of them a friend. Turning off my phone and relaxing never happens. My phone is always on, so even when I am out at the pol you can guarantee I am on my iphone answering a text or checking emails. I believe you get back what you put in and I put in 24/7 all the time.

Ha Candy - A lot of men are intimidated by independent beautiful women, do you get approached a lot?
Nina Mercedez - No I don't usually leave home without an escort but I don't look approachable when I am out alone.

Ha Candy - Are you single or in a relationship?
Nina Mercedez - I am not lonely we'll leave it at that....

Ha Candy - If you had to choose between "love" and "success" right now, which would you choose?
Nina Mercedez - I have both, I am lucky but without love I could never really be as successful as I am.

Ha Candy - Tell us something about yourself that would surprise your fans. Something no one knows...
Nina Mercedez - I am shy  sometimes and I don't like to look at my own photo's.

Ha Candy - In your profession, who's the bigger asshole, men or women? Be honest! lol
Nina Mercedez - I am in the business of webmaster, agent, director, photographer and business owner. So I think women feel the need to overcompensate on attitude to play on the same field as the men. I think it is 100% warranted though because men will always test a woman in charge.I wouldn't say women are assholes but I would be more apprehensive to cross a woman in charge in any level of business.

Ha Candy - If you were a piece of candy, what kind would you be?
Nina Mercedez - I would be a Sour Patch Kid because I can be sour at first but once you get past that I am sweet and loyal and loving. LOL

Ha Candy - Thanks Nina for kicking it with us. Any shout outs?
Nina Mercedez - Yes Thank you to all my fans I would be nothing without your constant support! I love you

Hasan's May Treat - Latifah Drinks

This 5’5 goddess  was born and raised in Cincinnati OH. Panamanian ethnicity, this bootyful Latina is currently studying Early Childhood Education. Soon she will launch her own bedazzled swimsuit line & a Calendar we can’t wait till next year to get our claws on. Ha Candy Magazine, explores her personality, lifestyle, office and bedroom.

Look into her irresistible eyes, drop some comments,  and tell us what you think about Latifa Drinks - Twitter/FB - hacandylc

Interview by Tim Miller - tmill@hacandy.com

Ha Candy -  Let's get this Elephant out the room. Is there a story behind your name?
Latifah Drinks - Latifa Drinks is my real name. Not a staged name even though I should have chosen one lol

Ha Candy - What does love mean to you?
Latifah Drinks - Love means being loyal and feeling strongly about a person in a way that all you want to do is make them happy and support anything that makes them happy. Yes! I have been in love and still am! =)

Ha Candy - If loving someone was wrong, would you want to be right?
Latifah Drinks - I don't know I feel as a human you need love. An it's natural for us to feel love at some point. So I would say I don't want to be right. Lol

Ha Candy - How does modeling impact relationships & dating?
Latifah Drinks - I think it could impact it in a negative way if your partner is insecure and doesn't quite trust you. As far as dating I can see it being hard to find someone who actually cares about you and not just want to show you off.

Ha Candy -  If the sex was great but the guy was a lazy bum, would you keep him or ditch him?
Latifah Drinks - I would ditch him. Sex is a huge part in a relationship but I feels sex isn't that damn good to have a lazy man all laid up in your house. I believe men are supposed to be providers, ambitious, and dependable. When things get tight he should be able to at least  bring something to the table.

Ha Candy - Do you believe in one night stands?
Latifah Drinks - I never had one. I don't judge people who do. I wouldn't have one because I'm too worried about my health. I understand that there is protection but protection can't stop herpes or aids if the condom breaks I'm good. But I don't mind role playing, I can act like a girl you just met lol

Ha Candy - What are your bedroom turn ons/turn offs?
Latifah Drinks - I love being controlled. I love being rough housed and choked, grabbed, told to shut up all that. That turns me on. I love sexy arm muscles that I can grip while having sex. Turn offs would be smells, moaning like a girl and no stamina!

Ha Candy - Are you romantic?
Latifah Drinks - I'm very romantic. I would be the type to cook, have a candlelit dinner, fix your bath water and cater to my mans every needs. After all of that's done welcome him to a night of long nasty freaky tasty sex! And yes I said tasty! Because I love to taste ;-)

Ha Candy - What do you find irresistible in a man?
Latifah Drinks - Hmmm. This is a hard question as far as men wise. But I can say my eyes are irresistible.

Ha Candy - What's the nicest, biggest turn on or romantic thing,  you've had so far?
Latifah Drinks - When me and my man was mad at each other before we lived together out of nowhere he came to surprise me with gifts, stuffed animal a card, and a letter!

Ha Candy - Finish this story. "Dear Ha Candy Diary"
Latifah Drinks - Dear Ha Candy, I have a bad temper lol
Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he be?
Latifah Drinks - A king sized snicker! Lol
Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Latifah Drinks - I'll say cry babies because I'm sour at first and sweet once you get to know me or get to the middle.

Ha Candy - So, you know what we like about you, tell us what you like about Ha Candy.
Latifah Drinks - I like the fact that you all chose to interview me! It was fun!

Ha Candy - Any shoutouts?
Latifah Drinks - Shout out to Fleet Models and Fleet DJs and Elm Magazine I just love them! And shout out to my man! Lol