January Treat - Skin Diamond

Hasan's Monthly Treat: Skin Diamond
"More than a Woman"

By: Tim Miller for Ha Candy Magazine
Photos by: Various Photographers.

 A mix of ethnicities, mystery, and experiences, young
 adult actress/nude model Skin Diamond stops by Ha Candy Magazine.
Explore her journey from fetish shoots to over 50 high energy mind blowing films. It’s hard not to pay attention to this stunning brunette representing California.
There’s more to her than meets the eye and Ha Candy has your first class ticket
inside the mind and heart of Skin Diamond.

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Skin Diamond how are you?
Skin Diamond - Hi! I'm great thanks! Been extremely busy with work but I can't complain!

Ha Candy - Tell us the story behind the name “Skin Diamond”.  
Skin Diamond - Around the time I was in college studying acting I starting thinking of modeling for an alt porn website and I wanted to think of a cool alias to go by. A play I was in had a character whose nick-name was "Skin" and I thought it had a nice ring to it so I adopted it as my name. The Diamond part was simply a part of my email address that I added to use as a twitter handle and then it kind of just turned into my porn name.. haha...

Ha Candy - From your childhood till now, how would you sum up your life experiences?
Skin Diamond - Very unusual. I have stuck out my entire life, but I'm glad because feel that all the weird and wonderful things that have happened to me would never have happened if I had had a normal childhood/adolescence. I would also say that I am a very lucky individual... someone/thing is definitely looking down at me kindly.

Ha Candy - Have you always been so daring and cutting edge?
Skin Diamond - Actually no. When I was young I was always a loner and I used to get bullied all through school. I was also raised to be quite religious so you could say I was sheltered a wee bit. I wasn't allowed to watch scooby doo haha.... After many years I guess something eventually snapped and I rebelled. Haven't looked back either! Those were the years that I finally came out of my shell and discovering myself.

Ha Candy - Can you dance? What else can you do that would surprise us? 
Skin Diamond - I can sing but I rarely sing in front of people.. I find it very personal. If I wasn't so shy singing in front of people I think I would have liked to have been a singer =)

Ha Candy - What do you find irresistible in a man or woman?
Skin Diamond - Confidence!

Ha Candy - Who’s your biggest girl crush & what would you do given the opportunity?
Skin Diamond - At the moment? Katy Perry! She's quirky enough to make me wonder what weird kinks she has.... hehe

Ha Candy - When people recognize you in public what do they say & how do they react?
Skin Diamond - To be honest I find that people won't often say anything until later on twitter or something. I can come off as intimidating which I've never understood because I'm really easy going. I just have "that look" I guess. Haha

Ha Candy - After a “Hard” days work, how do you relax?
Skin Diamond - Smoke some herb and cuddle my cats. Maybe watch a little TV like Dexter or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Usual boring stuff. Oh! And if I was performing in an anal scene that day (meaning I have to watch what/how much I eat) then I'll eat something super fattening like a giant cheeseburger or something!

Ha Candy - How did you become interested in being an adult actress?
Skin Diamond - Honestly I didn't. I never thought I'd ever be doing hard core porn, never mind be really good at it.. haha... I tried it for fun to experience first hand what it felt like to do it  and it was over a year before I actually pursued it as a career.

Ha Candy - What's been the craziest or funniest moment of your career so far?
Skin Diamond - It's really hard to say because I've gotten to do SO MANY amazing cool things from riding on motorcycles as part of the tease, to playing superheroes in parodies... but mainly the opportunities to do things outside of porn that I would never have gotten to do had it not been for my job, like be in music videos, or modeling in high fashion campaigns! I don't ever want to limit myself to one thing.. I want to try

Ha Candy - Any Taboos in your bedroom?
Skin Diamond - Is this a trick question? LMAO

Ha Candy - What turns you on the most?
Skin Diamond - Trying out new kinks, and home invasion fantasies with my boyfriend ^_~
Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he or she be?
Skin Diamond - Homemade cookies. I know that's not exactly candy but I don't really eat a lot of sweets, but I can eat a gazillion home made cookies in one go!

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Skin Diamond - Anything sweet & sour

Ha Candy - Any words for the haters, and especially the women who have negative opinions about women in adult entertainment.
Skin Diamond - I pity them. I have my cake and I'm eating the fuck out of it too.
Ha Candy - Any shout outs?
Skin Diamond - My website is launching soon! skindiamondvip.com .... Go get some kittlings xo

Thank you for hanging out with us, cheers to your continued success.

Look out for Skin Diamond, as she drives the industry crazy in her own path. Follow her on Twitter http://twitter.com/Skin_Diamond . Drop us some comments below and show her some love. Tell us your favorite film from Skin Diamond.