March Treat - Shamille P a.k.a Shay

Shay “ The Lucky Charm “
Interview by Tim Miller for Hasan Johnson & Ha Candy Magazine. 

One lucky day in Atlanta GA, this monthly treat was born. Really, her birthday is St.Patrick’s Day. As a dancer in Jr High she lead her High School team for 3 years. She studied Biology at  Morris Brown College in Atlanta, on a dance and academic scholarship. She also attended Alabama State University in Montgomery alabama graduating with her BS Degree in Science. Unfortunately her boyfriend wasn’t happy with her exposure, so with only $300 she left the life she worked hard to build in Alabama and headed back to Atlanta Ga. She began skyrocketing her networking ladder, following up on references and landing several jobs, photo shoots and videos.She’s now pursuing her Masters in Nursing hoping to enter into an Anesthesia Assistant Program soon. This monthly treat is multi sweet, smart, successful, sexy & healthy...

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy, Shamille how are you?
Shamille P - I'm wonderful. Super excited and Blessed right now.

Ha Candy - Where did you spend the most time growing up? (And tell us what you liked, remembered most)
Shamille P - I grew up on the eastside of Atlanta, I lived in Stone Mountain, but I grew up in Lithonia on Bruce Street. Growing up, I loved living next door to my grandparents, up the street from my cousins and around the corner from my other extended family members. It was hard to get in trouble b/c everyone knew everyone but it was cool. All of my childhood friends, most of them I still have. I've known one of my BFF's since the 3rd grade. I have a bunch of memories that I could tell you about and you would be like "wow", but  the one memory that stands out the most would be when I stole my daddy's Fleetwood Cadillac and was trying to get back home and in the house before he woke up. I creeped into the driveway, lights off, music off, extra slow, thinking I was in the clear and cocky me not paying attention somehow hit the gas and ran the car into the house! My daddy beat my a$$ for days lol!

Ha Candy - You were born on St.Patricks day? Tell us one time you got lucky.
Shamille P - A few years ago I was in a car accident where I was in the back seat asleep, this car ran a stop sign hit us  and t-boned the car and from what I'm told b/c I have no memory of it; I flew from the backseat (b/c I am hella small) and hit the windshield with my face. Well, when I did come to, my friend Shaurina was pulling me out the car but to everyone's surprise I was extra calm, but they were freaking out! My face was busted wide open. It literally look like I'd gotten shot in the face, but I didn't feel nothing. I was straight coolin it. The ambulance showed up and everyone looking at me like wth? I had no idea. No one would let me see a mirror, I walked into the E.R I didn't cry,freak, nothing. It was like nothing had happened. My adrenaline was pumping so hard I felt no pain. It was as if I was high or something. I had to have emergency plastic surgery to sew up my face. I was not only lucky, but more so Blessed b/c honey once I did see my face I screamed and hollered and the day after I felt everything and it was horrible. But I am lucky to have great genes and a good doctor. I've healed very well. Only one scar. I refer to it as my war womb.

Ha Candy - Any girl gone wild stories from the years you attended Morris Brown or Alabama State University? (Also share what you liked most about the college experience)
Shamille P - No honey, I am a lady, so no girl gone wild experiences lol. I'm a straight lame. I don't drink and I've never smoked, although I have caught contact a few times lol. In college I was member of the fabulous Bubbling Brown Sugar Danceline at Morris Brown College. They were the college featured in the movie Drumline. College was fun and being a member of the danceline known for having some Bad Bitches was the cherry on top. It was like people just automatically knew who you were. They were the elite dance team and we always showed up and showed out. I met some lifelong friends and I had an amazing time both at MBC and ASU. When I graduated from ASU, we were too turned up the night before. I was late to graduation and slightly hungover (yes, my friends got me drunk for graduation lol). I also got my very first pair of Red Bottoms! I saved up all year; I was a broke college student but I was determined to be fly going across the stage baby. In college I grew into my own and it's where I found my sexy. I had friends that loved makeup and getting glammed up and at first it just wasn't me. I'm still not that into it, but when I do I go all out. I loved the transformation part of it. I developed a alter ego in some ways. My classmates would see me in class and then when I would see them out in the club or wherever they'd be like "Damn"! My college experience was a fun life lesson. I did go through so much. Coming from a school who lost their accreditation and having to go to another school and start all over was hard. Not to mention the money aspect of it was vastly different. At MBC I was covered at State I had to work full-time and hold a part time job as well b/c I did have to pay out of pocket for whatever financial aid didn't cover. So, I had a lot of nights when I cried and wanted to quit but I had good friends and family who pushed me and dared me to drop out. There's no testimony without a test and I was tested, but I finished and if I had to do it all over again I would honestly say "yes, I wouldn't have changed a thing". I loved college life and my experience.

Ha Candy - Here’s something the fans can look forward too. If the falcons do better next year and make it to the super bowl, name something daring that you will do & instagram it.
Shamille P - If they make it next year what would I do? Hmmm, well since I am a die hard Mike Vick fan I will burn my Falcons jersey with Vick's name on it and buy a Matt Ryan jersey and where it to a Auburn game. I'm a Alabama Fan....Roll Tide!

Ha Candy - What do you find irresistible in a guy?
Shamille P - Conversation, the ability to make me laugh, drive, the need to want to be successful and not comfortable. lazy men are wack and weak. I also love when a man smells good. Nice teeth and good shoes. I hate ratchett shoes on a man. I can take a walmart outfit, but your shoes better be on point. That's a turnoff. I also find that a man who is authoritative is so sexy, who handles business. He can be thuggish if need be and corporate at the same time; sort of like Jay Z or 50 Cent but cuter. I want a boss, I don't want no punk. I love a man who's not afraid to be a man. I don't care much for pretty men, still I want my dude to take pride in his appearance and how we look when we're out whether we're out together or not.

Ha Candy - Finish this sentence “Dear Ha Candy Diary”
Shamille P - Dear Ha Candy Diary - I'm sitting here in this moment almost in tears because everything I've hope,wish,and dreamed of and for is coming true. I'm happy in this moment. I like that I set a goal and its being executed.I couldn't imagine that the little tom boy who used to wear her brothers clothes blossomed into this beautiful, intelligent still soft spoken woman. Growing up in a house of men and without a mother for a while could have damaged me but I am not my parents and my hood doesn't define who I am. I you took to know me you'll find I'm one of the most unintentionally funny person you'll ever meet, who wears her heart on her sleeve but will cut in a heartbeat. I love to smile and laugh. I can't stand up tight people. I'm motivated by my fear of failure but almost scared of success. I embrace all that life has for me and I'm down for the ride of a lifetime whatever it may be. I don't fear no man walking this earth but my momma and daddy and kill for my fam. They're so many layers to me but with me what you see is what you get so you're gonna get a lot. I hope the world is ready for me. My steps have been ordered and I'm walking with no fears. I know I have God walking with me, beside me holding my hand, in front of me guiding me and my path and behind me protecting me from those who want to stab me in my back. I'm covered as a pose uncovered. Thank You Jesus.
Ha Candy - Define love, & don’t you dare google it! 
Shamille P - I've only been in what I consider Love once. I knew it because, there was no other man that could grab my attention or make me want to stray. I would look, but my first thought would be "would this hurt him" or "what affect would this have on our relationship"? Love is putting someone elses feelings above your own or considering their thoughts or feelings before yours. Usually I could care less about how someone feels but if I love you, truly Love you it matters to me. I'm a rider, so if I go out of my way for you then you're in my heart.

Ha Candy - In 4 years where will your career be?
Shamille P - Model wise I will have graced the covers of all the major hot men's magazines. I will have established myself as a professional working model who everyone loves. My hobby will no longer be a hobby b/c it is now garnishing major earnings and I can file it on my taxes lol. Still, I will maintain my focus on becoming an Anesthesiologist and being in a position to take care of my family and on the road to being wealthy not rich; there is a difference.

Ha Candy - What’s the longest length of time you’ve been in a relationship?
Shamille P - 2 1/2 years.

Ha Candy - Turn ons & Turn offs?
Shamille P - Turn ons-confidence,conversation,a sense of humor,drive, and how he maintains himself, family, household and his woman. Turn offs- weak men who need me to validate them.

Ha Candy - Given the chance, which reality tv show would you like to join & why?
Shamille P - Oh Lord lol, I used to always want to be on College Hill on BET when it was on, but now maybe Real World or truelife. They're not that ratchett.

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he be?
Shamille P - Sweet Tarts!

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Shamille P - A tootsie roll (the flavored kind, I'm different) b/c I'm small, chocolate and very sweet.

Ha Candy - Any Shout outs & tell everyone what you like about Ha Candy Magazine...
Shamille P - Shout Out to You of Course for making this happen for me. To my BFF's and support system-Shannon, Nayrobi, Malia "Li-Li" and Lando, Brandon H.; My big sis Christy for always keeping it 100 with me no matter how much it hurts to hear. Hamilton for your brutal honesty and love always, Erica Gates love you boo, Yo Yo, Kelly, Selina and Pompey (Brian). All my friends and family. S/O Shawn Dowdell of Glama Girls Photography, Anthony Mason of Eye Candy Modeling, and Dre from Its Pivotal Management.
Ha Candy Magazine is the next big thing. Ya'll need to be on the lookout. I like the fact that you take a chance on unknown up and coming artist and models. Its hard to catch a break in this industry. Everyone wants someone known, but it's dope when you have someone willing to take a risk on you. It makes you appreciate the business even more.

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