Hasan's April Treat - Kayla G

Kayla G.

Growing up out of Houston TX this monthly treat is tattooed up with success and ambition. Attending Southern University A&M, Kayla is both sweet and sour. She chops it up with us about her tattoos, a romance, her goals and more. Ha Candy Magazine welcomes Kayla G.

Interview by Tim Miller for Ha Candy Magazine  tmill@hacandy.com

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Magazine how are you?
Kayla -  I'm good. I can't complain at all.

Ha Candy - Where did you grow up?
Kayla - I grew up in Houston, TX. My favorite memories growing up and even to this day are any time i had a dance performance.

Ha Candy - How would your friends and your haters describe you?
Kayla - The people who don't know me think I'm stuck up, people who know me think I'm real laid back and chill, my friends think I'm outspoken, aggressive, and very silly.

Ha Candy - What’s the 411 behind your tattoos?
Kayla - I have a Chinese symbol that means strength on the back of my neck and underneath it says Love.Live.Life. I have a symbol standing for loyalty on the side of my neck, an ex name on my side, a dancer on my hip with the words “Dance like no one’s watching, more symbols standing for love and faith on the front of my hips and my cousin birthday and day of death on my foot in roman numerals.

Ha Candy - Are you just a model or a “Jill” of all trades? (What else do you do?)
Kayla - I'm definitely not “just a model"! I attend Southern University A& M College, I hold down a job and I dance. I danced for my high school and then my university when I started college. I was captain of both teams and I'm training to audition for a Professional NBA or NFL team now.

Ha Candy - When you're hanging out having a good time where are you most likely to be found?
Kayla - There is no telling, I do not go out much just for fun because my
schedule is so busy but when i do, there is no telling where you can catch me, but my instagram will always let you know lol

Ha Candy - On average, how many guys hit on you, and how many actually catch your attention?
Kayla - On average? Omg, words can't explain and I can't even keep up! How many catch my attention? NONE!

Ha Candy - 2013 what are your goals?
Kayla - My goals are to graduate college, make a Pro dance team, and be known and loved all around for my all around diversity, and just be very
successful and HAPPY!

Ha Candy - Besides your awesome tattoos in all the right places, what separates you from other models?
Kayla - What separates me from some other models is that It's not only my physical makeup but the actual talent and drive I pose as a woman. My look can be very versatile at times as well.

Ha Candy - Tell us something wild or funny that few people know about you...
Kayla - Something that most people find funny or at least always laugh at me about is how clumsy i am, it can actually be quite embarrassing sometimes!

Ha Candy - Finish this story. Dear Diary................
Kayla - Dear Diary - I envisioned myself today and what my future would be and the person who will be sharing it with me. I will leave this nameless and just share the romantic takeover my mind, body and soul went through. It was captivating in all sense romance and love. Hallmark could not make such a card to describe the characteristics of this wonderful, mind blowing & extremely beautiful person that my heart feel for. The high this person gives me is like no other climax I ever received.. To be continued....

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?
Kayla - LMAO, this question is funny..... She would be a Sour Patch.

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best ?
Kayla - Well I was just asked and I was told that I'm the Sour Patch so I guess we are both sour and then sweet lol

Ha Candy -  Tell everyone what you like about Ha Candy Magazine.
Kayla - I want to end this by saying thank you to Ha Candy for the opportunity for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful online model site. Thank you to my followers and future followers after this interview is posted, my team and most importantly me!!! Look for my new website coming soon www.kaylag.com You don't want to miss this!

Photographers - C.E Wiley, Link2 Photo
For booking Kayla, contact -  djdamanager@gmail.com

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