Hasan's May Treat - Latifah Drinks

This 5’5 goddess  was born and raised in Cincinnati OH. Panamanian ethnicity, this bootyful Latina is currently studying Early Childhood Education. Soon she will launch her own bedazzled swimsuit line & a Calendar we can’t wait till next year to get our claws on. Ha Candy Magazine, explores her personality, lifestyle, office and bedroom.

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Interview by Tim Miller - tmill@hacandy.com

Ha Candy -  Let's get this Elephant out the room. Is there a story behind your name?
Latifah Drinks - Latifa Drinks is my real name. Not a staged name even though I should have chosen one lol

Ha Candy - What does love mean to you?
Latifah Drinks - Love means being loyal and feeling strongly about a person in a way that all you want to do is make them happy and support anything that makes them happy. Yes! I have been in love and still am! =)

Ha Candy - If loving someone was wrong, would you want to be right?
Latifah Drinks - I don't know I feel as a human you need love. An it's natural for us to feel love at some point. So I would say I don't want to be right. Lol

Ha Candy - How does modeling impact relationships & dating?
Latifah Drinks - I think it could impact it in a negative way if your partner is insecure and doesn't quite trust you. As far as dating I can see it being hard to find someone who actually cares about you and not just want to show you off.

Ha Candy -  If the sex was great but the guy was a lazy bum, would you keep him or ditch him?
Latifah Drinks - I would ditch him. Sex is a huge part in a relationship but I feels sex isn't that damn good to have a lazy man all laid up in your house. I believe men are supposed to be providers, ambitious, and dependable. When things get tight he should be able to at least  bring something to the table.

Ha Candy - Do you believe in one night stands?
Latifah Drinks - I never had one. I don't judge people who do. I wouldn't have one because I'm too worried about my health. I understand that there is protection but protection can't stop herpes or aids if the condom breaks I'm good. But I don't mind role playing, I can act like a girl you just met lol

Ha Candy - What are your bedroom turn ons/turn offs?
Latifah Drinks - I love being controlled. I love being rough housed and choked, grabbed, told to shut up all that. That turns me on. I love sexy arm muscles that I can grip while having sex. Turn offs would be smells, moaning like a girl and no stamina!

Ha Candy - Are you romantic?
Latifah Drinks - I'm very romantic. I would be the type to cook, have a candlelit dinner, fix your bath water and cater to my mans every needs. After all of that's done welcome him to a night of long nasty freaky tasty sex! And yes I said tasty! Because I love to taste ;-)

Ha Candy - What do you find irresistible in a man?
Latifah Drinks - Hmmm. This is a hard question as far as men wise. But I can say my eyes are irresistible.

Ha Candy - What's the nicest, biggest turn on or romantic thing,  you've had so far?
Latifah Drinks - When me and my man was mad at each other before we lived together out of nowhere he came to surprise me with gifts, stuffed animal a card, and a letter!

Ha Candy - Finish this story. "Dear Ha Candy Diary"
Latifah Drinks - Dear Ha Candy, I have a bad temper lol
Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy what would he be?
Latifah Drinks - A king sized snicker! Lol
Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Latifah Drinks - I'll say cry babies because I'm sour at first and sweet once you get to know me or get to the middle.

Ha Candy - So, you know what we like about you, tell us what you like about Ha Candy.
Latifah Drinks - I like the fact that you all chose to interview me! It was fun!

Ha Candy - Any shoutouts?
Latifah Drinks - Shout out to Fleet Models and Fleet DJs and Elm Magazine I just love them! And shout out to my man! Lol