Hasan's June Treat - Nina Mercedez

There's nothing sexier than a beautiful, smart, hot, successful, professional, confident, independent woman. That may sound like a lot but believe me this rare breed does exists. We actually happen to have one as our June Monthly Treat.

Meet Nina Mercedez, if you guys think she looks familiar you are correct. Nina has graced the screens of many adult films leaving guys all over the world mesmerized. She's a focused hard worker who has taken her beauty & brains to new & exciting heights. 

We had a chance to sit down with Miss Mercedez and we soon realized she's more than that seductive beauty on the screen. She's a boss with a hustler's spirit. Watch her work!

    Interview by: Hasan Johnson

Ha Candy - Hello Nina welcome to Ha Candy, how are you?
Nina Mercedez - I am great, staying busy always!

Ha Candy - We're excited about you being here so let's get straight to business lol. How did you get into the adult film industry?
Nina Mercedez - I started out modeling then became a international feature dancer. I won pageant, covered virtually every magazine including Playboy and Penthouse. The next step was adult, I signed with Vivid and then started my own production company. It was a gradual and comfortable step.

Ha Candy - Where are you from & what's your nationality?
Nina Mercedez - I am from Corpus Christi, Texas and I am Italian, Mexican/Aztec

Ha Candy - Were you always this beautiful or were you one of those awkward girls who developed late lol?
Nina Mercedez - I was not always beautiful LOL I was even on Jenny Jones from Geek to Sheik. I was awkward till I was about 16 yrs old.

Ha Candy - You're not only beautiful, you're a hustler. You run 5 companies, just launched a photography studio & about to launch a bikini & jewelry line. Tell us about that...
Nina Mercedez - Yes I run a management agency called Feature Elite, My production Company HeartBreaker Films, I have 18 contract girls, I am their webmaster under my company XxxFastPass. My photography company Desperado Digital just started to take off and is getting photos published in Mainstream magazines. My current project is La Scorpia Swimwear I am at the beginning stages but things are looking great. I stay very busy!

Ha Candy - I respect grinders so I applaud all of your ventures. Do you ever get time to just relax & soak it all in?
Nina Mercedez - Rarely my priority is XxxFastPass, my contract girls. They have me 24/7 and when your dealing with 18 top name stars someone always needs something. I am not only their webmaster for some I am a mentor and to all of them a friend. Turning off my phone and relaxing never happens. My phone is always on, so even when I am out at the pol you can guarantee I am on my iphone answering a text or checking emails. I believe you get back what you put in and I put in 24/7 all the time.

Ha Candy - A lot of men are intimidated by independent beautiful women, do you get approached a lot?
Nina Mercedez - No I don't usually leave home without an escort but I don't look approachable when I am out alone.

Ha Candy - Are you single or in a relationship?
Nina Mercedez - I am not lonely we'll leave it at that....

Ha Candy - If you had to choose between "love" and "success" right now, which would you choose?
Nina Mercedez - I have both, I am lucky but without love I could never really be as successful as I am.

Ha Candy - Tell us something about yourself that would surprise your fans. Something no one knows...
Nina Mercedez - I am shy  sometimes and I don't like to look at my own photo's.

Ha Candy - In your profession, who's the bigger asshole, men or women? Be honest! lol
Nina Mercedez - I am in the business of webmaster, agent, director, photographer and business owner. So I think women feel the need to overcompensate on attitude to play on the same field as the men. I think it is 100% warranted though because men will always test a woman in charge.I wouldn't say women are assholes but I would be more apprehensive to cross a woman in charge in any level of business.

Ha Candy - If you were a piece of candy, what kind would you be?
Nina Mercedez - I would be a Sour Patch Kid because I can be sour at first but once you get past that I am sweet and loyal and loving. LOL

Ha Candy - Thanks Nina for kicking it with us. Any shout outs?
Nina Mercedez - Yes Thank you to all my fans I would be nothing without your constant support! I love you