Hasan's July Treat - Lois Shine

Lois Shine

This month our delivery is international (by way of the Caribbean & Paris). The beautiful Lois Shine visits the Ha Candy factory to talk about video games, tattoos, big asses and superheroes. It don’t get any better than this.

Interview by T.Mill 
tmill@hacandy.com   www.tmillonline.com

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Magazine, how are you?
Lois Shine - I’m great thank you.

Ha Candy - Which of your origins makes up the most of you?
Lois Shine -  Caribbean!! For my skin color but in paris we have a lot of sun!!! And for my Ass I don't like a small ass lmfao
Ha Candy - Can you speak any other languages? (Tell us something sexy!)
Lois Shine -  I speak a little German I forget a little bit every year.

Ha Candy - Tell us the story behind your tattoos.
Lois Shine - I have a tattoo on my lower belly its a drawing I once did.  After I did a Maori tattoo this symbolized the destiny. On my back after my finger with my name and just two weeks ago I did my arms angel!! Because I want to write demon for balance!!! And here Stay true to be free to remember that's why the people like me

Ha Candy - If you could Vacation anywhere where would you go?
Lois Shine - I would like to go in japan, china and Thailand

Ha Candy - You play some of our favorite video games, think you can take us on?
Lois Shine - I sure can, bring it on....

Ha Candy - If we win what do we get, and if you win, what do you want?
Lois Shine -  Lol if I win you offer me a place in a big model agency with a home in LA! If I lose I’ll buy you a home in LA, ha ha ha.
Ha Candy - Your name totally sounds like it could be a video game character. If they made a game after you what would it be about & would you be the villain or hero?
Lois Shine - That's for  sure, I’d  play a villain lol! A dark girl so bad! To be sexy is my power, if a boy see me he dies lol

Ha Candy - What do you enjoy most about modeling & how did you get started?
Lois Shine -  I like modeling because I can be myself.  And that's so fantastic, just to be sexy! And that's true, I like when people call me sexy &  beautiful!! I know that's luck, I began practicing modeling in september 2012. A model agency in Paris saw a holiday pic of me wearing a red dress.

Ha Candy - What is irresistible about you and what do you find irresistible in a guy/girl?
Lois Shine - Oh I think  My eyes and my smile!!! And for me the irresistible about a guy is the body I like strong man and if he have a big ass yes that the same for a men lol
Ha Candy - Do you have any secret powers or cool talents?
Lois Shine -  No I don't have a real secret, I'm natural and I don't practice sports lol.

Ha Candy - Finish this story “Dear Ha Candy Diary” -
Lois Shine - A story about my shooting! A day I went to see my brother and after talking he wanted to see pics of me!! But thats strange for me, he has not left me any choice, he got on google!! I Screamed and I ran to shut down the computer.

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best? & If your lover were a piece of candy what would he/she be?
Lois Shine -  I’m sweet and sour at same time like a jelly belly! My lover would be Carmel

Ha Candy - Now that you know what we like about you, tell us what you like about Ha Candy Magazine...
Lois Shine - It’s a cool digital magazine and I think I'm luckier to be between amongst all these  sexy girls

Ha Candy - Thanks Lois, we wish you much success and hope you stop by again sometime.
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