Hasan's September Treat - Helen Mei

Helen Mei

Fellas would you believe me if I told you I know a woman who's beautiful, smart, outgoing, loves to work out, watch sports and play video games? I doubt it. Well it's true and I'll prove it. 
Meet Helen Mei, she's my definition of the total package. I thought a woman like this was either a dream or an urban legend lol. Any woman who can watch a UFC fight with the guys while looking like Americas Next Top Model is a blessing to the male population! All jokes aside, let's welcome Helen Mei to Ha Candy. She's my September Monthly Treat…

Interview by Hasan Johnson - Hasan@HaCandy.com

Ha Candy - Hello Helen, welcome to Ha Candy! How are you?
Helen - Thank you! I'm doing great! :)

Ha Candy - So where are you from?
Helen - I was born and raised in Las Vegas. Yes, I'm one of the few!

Ha Candy - You're very beautiful, how did you get into modeling?
Helen - Thank you so much. I actually got into modeling without the intention to really become a model. My best friend was really into photography at the time and wanted to practice shooting with her new camera, so that's how it began.

Ha Candy - Is this something that you do for fun or is this a long term career goal?
Helen - I always believe in living life to the fullest and doing what makes you happiest. As long as I have fun, I will continue doing this but I do always set goals for myself as well.

Ha Candy - Do you get approached by more respectable guys or the ones with the corny pick up lines? lol
Helen - Haha...you know what? Surprisingly, most are pretty respectable to me when they meet me, and I appreciate that. I do hear the pick up lines though and smile.

Ha Candy - What do you look for in a man?
Helen - I look for a man who's driven, ambitious, has a great personality, loves sports and is athletic...also he must have good manners. 
Ha Candy - What's an instant turn off for you?
Helen - As I mentioned before, having manners is a big one for me so a guy who's disrespectful or rude.

Ha Candy - When you're not in front of the camera what do you like to do?
Helen - I'm a tomboy at heart. I love working out, also watching sports, primarily NBA and UFC, and fitting in some time to play video games. I also love hiking, bowling, even playing bingo though I never win! lol. I'm pretty laid back, and family time is always nice as well.

Ha Candy - What do you think is your best physical feature?
Helen - I love to smile :)

Ha Candy - What's the hardest thing about modeling?
Helen - Probably the diet part...or I mean the eating healthy lifestyle. ha. I have such a big sweet tooth it's hard for me sometimes to stay on track!

Ha Candy - Do you have any advice for women trying to get into this business?
Helen - My best advice would be to stay positive and never give up.

Ha Candy - What kind of candy describes you best?
Helen - Hmm...Twizzlers are fun and yummy! :)

Ha Candy - Helen thanks for hanging out with us, you're officially a part of the Ha Candy family! Any shout outs?
Helen - Thank you so much for having me! I'd like to give a shout out to my best friend, Alex, who has been there for me since day one, my family and good friends who support me and have never given up on me, the people I've worked with who've given me opportunities to learn and grow, and most importantly my fans; thank you guys for your continued love and support, I appreciate it more than you know and love you guys!