Hasan's November Treat - Desana Moses

Desana Moses

Beautiful, driven, and down right sexy is all I can really say about Desana Moses. She much more than a pretty face believe me. This girl is going places...and I bet you guys are wishing you were going along for the ride. Let's go!

Ha Candy - Desana, tell us where you're from & where you reside now?
Desana Moses -  DC area

Ha Candy - Is modeling temporary for you or do you see yourself doing this for a long time?
Desana Moses - I think I'm doing this for now and will expand my brand in Spa acts later on

Ha Candy - Modeling always looks so glamorous & easy. Tell us the hardest part about this profession…
Desana Moses - really be confident and knowing you got it! Never down yourself

Ha Candy - You're very beautiful, do you get hated on by insecure girls? And are guys intimidated to approach you?
Desana Moses - honestly I've always received compliments nothing insulting! Guys always approach me!

Ha Candy - Finish this story. Dear Diary - (Tell us a true story about you, funny, embarrassing, sexy, anything that's true)
Desana Moses - lol! Ummmm I love to travel and enjoy meeting new ppl!

Ha Candy - At what age did you realize you were hot?? lol
Desana Moses - lol ummm all my life!

Ha Candy - We all like a little drama so I have to ask… is there any entertainer, model or photographer you used to admire until to met them? I've met a few who've ended up being assholes lol.
Desana Moses - hummm actually yes! Some of the girls and guys I've met in industry! You think they are big time will u get to know them and they are just living to get by! Smh

Ha Candy -  If you had 3 super powers, what would they be?
Desana Moses -  X-ray vision, invisible powers, read ppl minds !!! Lol

Ha Candy - Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Personally & professionally...
Desana Moses - personally with a family and married! Professionally I will have my Day Spa open!

Ha Candy - What's more attractive to you, looks or personality?
Desana Moses - personality

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?
Desana Moses - hummm sour patch kids! Lol

Ha Candy - What candy describes your lover best?
Desana Moses - milk chocolate!

Ha Candy - Now that we've given you the grand tour, tell us what you think about Ha Candy magazine...
Desana Moses -  love it! Thank you for the opportunity and we have a great year ahead! Follow my Instagram: DesanaMoses and Twitter: @desana88 my website: www.desanamoses.com