Hasan's September/October Treat - Helen Mei

Helen Mei

Look who's back! Ha Candy Digital is excited to welcome back Helen Mei, the hottest sports radio host in Las Vegas! Helen is the perfect combination of beauty, brains, hustle and drive. With her schedule as hectic as it is, Helen still took some time to sit down and kick it with us. So let's enjoy her while she's here, welcome back Helen Mei...

Interview by Hasan Johnson and Tim Miller

Ha Candy - Welcome back Helen! How have you been?
Helen - Thank you! I've been doing great and have been very busy!

Ha Candy - We see you've been very busy, tell the readers what you've been up to...
Helen - I write for CombatLifestyle.com where I interview MMA fighters then write an article about it. I've also been writing for FightMatch.com. I also have my weekly sports radio show, Eyes on the Game, that started as an internet radio show, but got offered to go on KLAV 1230 AM radio starting September 11. I'm very excited, and it will be every Thursday from 9-10pm PST or Las Vegas time.

Ha Candy - Take us into a day in the life of a sports radio host…
Helen - Well it requires watching a lot of sports, and following all the sports regardless of personal interests. I study a lot because there's so much to always continue to learn in the sports' world, and I also write and read a ton. My co-host and I go over guests who will be on the show and outline how the show will go. I know it sounds boring right now, but it really isn't! I love everything I do.

Ha Candy - Some say an indicator of "Passion" is something you would do for free. Would you be a sports radio host for free? Or does your passion still await?
Helen - Absolutely. Most definitely. I use to be an athlete many years ago and it was one of the most memorable times in my life. I know I truly love sports and want to be around it forever. I'll always be an athlete at heart. I also love challenges and I feel in the broadcasting world, there is always room for improvement and learning. That is what I love, learning. I also love writing. Then you mix sports into that, what could go wrong?

Ha Candy - You're the perfect example of beauty & brains. Some people tend to think beautiful women aren't too smart, have you ever come across that in your business?
Helen - That's sweet of you to say, thank you so much. Thankfully, most people I meet are very respectful to me in person. However, I do realize that on social media, once in a while I will read a comment and just chuckle.

Ha Candy - Any advice for those aspiring to be a radio host?
Helen - Always stay positive.

Ha Candy - You're also an MMA writer, ever had and thoughts about getting into that ring?
Helen - I have practiced MMA and respect the sport a lot. I respect the art of fighting but would I get into the ring as a fighter? No. There is so much to training and dieting and the closest I've ever been to wanting to fight aside from training is when I use to want to become a WWE diva when I was 15. Yes, I know there's obviously a big difference and WWE is scripted but I'm just saying that's the closest I've ever wanted to get in a ring. Lol. I certainly respect what fighters do. As a ring girl, I have been approached to do some events but haven't yet. I love writing and interviewing more.

Ha Candy - Would you ever date someone you work with?
Helen - No, tried that and never again.

Ha Candy - What do you do for fun?
Helen - I'm pretty laid back but work a lot, but it's fun for me. Everything I do I enjoy.

Ha Candy - You must get approached by a lot of men. Is it flattering or annoying?
Helen - Haha. I'm definitely flattered. I've been told I'm way too nice and always end up talking to guys about sports for a long time. I also really appreciate my fans and appreciate them taking the time to support me.

Ha Candy - Have you ever had a stalker? Lol
Helen - Um.

Ha Candy - Are guys intimidated by your sports IQ?
Helen - It's so funny because most of the time, they are always impressed! It's so surprising to them when we get into conversations and I understand the players, coaches, etc… they get shocked that I actually know what I'm talking about. Those are for the guys who have never met me, but for my fans or friends, we just talk. Also, I think the guys who get intimidated by my sports' knowledge are just the ones who don't like it. Yes, I've had that happen to me before.

Ha Candy - Helen thanks for your time, we wish you much success. Any final words for our readers?
Helen - Thank you so much for having me as your cover girl! I truly appreciate it and really appreciate all my fans and supporters. I have the coolest fans ever! Thank you to everyone that I've worked with and has given me a chance, and an opportunity to do what I love. Thank you to my guests who've been on my sports radio show, and the awesome people who I'm very thankful to have in my life…my co-host and radio station Lotus Broadcasting, Tracy Lee MMA great photographer and of CombatLifestyle.com, Jens and Kannika Pulver, Maxx Tuning Magazine, Dana, FightMatch.com, and so many more. Thank you!!

Instagram: HelenMeiSports

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