Hasan's November/December Treat - Siray Kong

Siray Kong

This month we welcome a true Cambodian beauty. A very smart young woman with big plans for her future. I love a woman that has more than just good looks to offer. Focused, career driven and independent are just a few of the great qualities our guest has, and that's very enticing to any man.
So let's give Siray Kong a sweet Ha Candy welcome...

Interview by Hasan Johnson and DeSean Warren
Photos by OGFOTO

Ha Candy - Hello Siray, welcome to Ha Candy Digital! How are you?
Siray - Im doing terrific! Thank you =D

Ha Candy - First let me say you are beautiful! Do you ever get tired of hearing that?
Siray - No, because some days I don't feel beautiful and I'm grateful to hear someone else thinks I am =D

Ha Candy - How long have you been modeling?
Siray - I have been a model about 5 years now

Ha Candy - Is this a long term goal or are you just having some fun with it for now?
Siray - You always have to have fun doing what you love but yes I do have a long term goal. I want to create enough fan base to help support my career in creating my own line of merchandise. A peace of Siray everywhere in the world=D And one day help the fight the cause of child trafficking. I would love to start my own non-profit or connect with an organization by supporting them with funds.

Ha Candy - What's your nationality?
Siray - I am Cambodian 

Ha Candy - Is there a lot of jealousy in the modeling game?
Siray - The world is field of jealousy in any career. Hate have no race or face. But I believe in my heart the world is big enough for all of us to shine. In any career its always a challenge because someone else feels they can do it better or cheaper but the truth is if you worry about yourself and do your best you will never be over looked and what is meant to be for you and only you will come to pass.

Ha Candy - What kind of music do you like? And who is your favorite artist right now?
Siray - I have lots of favorites in music from Peggy Lee to Beyonce to Meatloaf old school and boy band Imagine Dragon. But at this moment Im all about Sam Smith. He is soulful and heartfelt. I also love his voice.

Ha Candy - Have you ever had a problem with an unprofessional photographer?
Siray - I never really had anything serious with a photographer beside maybe posting a picture with out me approving. Otherwise its been a very good experience.

Ha Candy - Would you ever pose nude?
Siray - yes maybe playboy lol =D

Ha Candy - Ha Candy is all about sexiness. What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?
Siray - My lips and eyes =D

Ha Candy - Tell us something about yourself that no one knows...
Siray - hummmmm………… I'm almost an open book lol one thing hummmm one thing would be that my panties and bra never match when I have them on,lol I just grab it, put it on and go lol.

Ha Candy - Thanks Siray for hanging out with us for a little while. You're welcome back anytime you want. Do you have any shout outs?
Siray - My shout out would be to you for having me on here and to the photographer OGFoto for making the time to shoot me for this particular magazine. And the biggest shout out is to my fans that are there to support me with love! I am grateful!