Hasan's January/February Treat - Alicia Hartwell

Alicia Hartwell

An angel from the “City of brotherly love”, illadelphia, “"the city that loves you back”. This candy has all the ingredients to lift women of all ages, while promoting inner beauty through her organization LelakAngel. Join us as she hosts this edition of Ha Candy Magazine, all eyes on her, keep your hands to yourself, and enjoy. Ladies and gentlemen...Alicia Hartwell.
Interview by T.Mill for Ha Candy Magazine
 Photos by: Aaron Stallworth
Ha Candy - Where are you from & what do you remember most about growing up?

Alicia - I am from the Philadelphia Area. The most I remember about growing up is how as a child I was very active and always doing something positive. Whether it was dancing or participating in shows at school. I also remember how kids use to actually have fun without the use of having cellphones and computers. Back in the day, we had hopscotch, hide and seek, tag. Things were just different. Nowadays all we have is social networks. People don’t know how to communicate with each other any more physically.

Ha Candy - What songs/artists influenced you to try rapping? (And tell us about your singing)

Alicia - Well growing up I always listened to artist like Mariah Carey, the late Whitney Houston and Aaliyah. Even old school music like Sam Cooke and The Supremes. Listening to their music made me seek my inner talents. Listening to Bone Thugs and Harmony actually begin me to have interest in rapping. I loved listening to the way they put their words together.

Ha Candy - How are you unique from other women in music?

Alicia - I believe I am unique because I feel that I have a different sound than most. My voice is very unique. The things that I write and how I put it together is very different from what you hear now on the radio.

Ha Candy - Tell us about LelaKAngels.

Alicia - Well LelaKAngels is an organization that promotes inner beauty. It is a movement. We have girls from all around the globe who are Angels. A LelaKAngel is someone who wants to make an impact in the world they live in. Someone who wants to leave their mark behind. A LelaKAngel is someone who sees a bright future for themselves. They stand out from the crowd and carry a coat of confidence.

Ha Candy - How do you promote "Inner beauty" and help others find theirs?

Alicia - I promote inner beauty by absolutely being myself! Not being worried of what others think or say. No one is perfect but as long as you are one with yourself you will see beauty in everything. The Creator made us all unique for our own reasons and finding those reasons will help people see their true purpose in life and to be happy with themselves. I help others find theirs by giving them daily inspiration, by letting people know that they are not alone. Finding your true self, finding your inner beauty starts with one person and one person only, that person is you. I can show you the road, I can even hold your hand for a little but it is you who must take the 1st step. It is you who must eventually let go of my hand and continue your path on your own because at the end of the day it is your journey.
Ha Candy - Your also starting a fashion line?

Alicia - Yes I am, Lela Kouture. I started Lela Kouture because I feel that some people are scared to be different. I started this line for girls that want to be different with the way they dress and from what type of accessories they wear. They do not have to look like everyone else when wearing something that everyone else may have. They can wear anything but the point is to wear it in their own way. I know growing up I always stood out and wore things that were different but nowadays people are scared to step out of this box. They want to look like everyone but their self.

Ha Candy - So far in your career, what experience do you remember most?

Alicia - I remember a great deal of things. The Bad and the Good. I remember people trying to take advantage of me because I was so young and new to this industry. But I've learned from every experience and now I am here to share my story and be better than I ever was. All while helping and guiding other people.

Ha Candy - When people get to know you what are they most surprised to learn about you?

Alicia - They are surprised to know how silly I am. I have a big sense of humor and I really enjoy making other people laugh.
Ha Candy - Tell us a story beginning with "Dear Ha Candy Diary" (Tell us a true story about you. Funny, dramatic, romantic, anything)

Alicia - Dear Ha Candy Diary, Today I woke up with a smile on my face. Not only am I alive but I am blessed. Blessed for the people in my life blessed for my son, blessed for my family and blessed for such an amazing circle. Today… will be a great day because I said it will be. There is no room for mistakes, no room for negativity and if for any reason my patience is tested today I ask The Creator to give me the strength to refrain from kicking somebodies a**.   Thank you J
Ha Candy - Any shout outs?

Alicia - Most importantly the The Creator! I would also like to give a shout out to my supporters. Thank you for supporting me. My loved one and my son. Also to my family and my circle. I love you guys. And a big shout out to HA Candy! Thank you guys so much for having me and bearing with me *laughs* I know it took forever for us to get this interview rolling. *smiles* But we got it done! Thank you guys for your support!

Ha Candy - What candy describes you best?

Alicia - mmm..Skittles

Ha Candy - If your lover were a piece of candy which would they be?

Alicia - Ferraro Rocher

Ha Candy - Now that you've hung with us in the Ha Candy factory, what do you like about Ha Candy?

Alicia - You guys always keep it real! I love it! Thank you so much again for having me! Yal the real MVP’s