Hasan's May/June Monthly Treat - Shkendije Mujaj

Shkendije Mujaj
"Imported Sweets From Zürich"

Dyana Dya a.k.a Shkendije Mujaj is no stranger to fans of dance music. Her sound creates a soothing blend of catchy pop, house and dance. As a teenager Shkendije wasn't interested in the latest trends to be cool, her heart was into music. Even in school she took singing lessons and dancing. Soon Shkendije was trained in singing, acting and performance. As an adult she quickly gained recognition for her music and sexy look. Nowadays barely a month goes by without her in the headlines of the Albanian media landscape. So as you can see Ha Candy has traveled far to get this beauty. Ladies and gentlemen welcome our first ever "sexy selfie" cover girl, the beautiful Shkendije Mujaj…

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Digital, how are you?

Shkendije Mujaj - Hi Ha Candy, I am very well ;)

Ha Candy - Where are you from?

Shkendije Mujaj - I am from  Kosova... but I live in Swiss Zürich

Ha Candy - Ok we know you're a singer, explain your style of music?

Shkendije Mujaj - Yes I am a singer, I have 2 albums, one is in Albanien and the other is House music. It's already published on itunes under my artist name Dyana Dyà ;)

Ha Candy - Who's you're favorite artist right now?

Shkendije Mujaj - Hmmm at the moment no one, I am too busy with my project ;)

Ha Candy - You have a very sexy look. Do you consider yourself sexy?

Shkendije Mujaj - Hmmm yeah I love myself, I feel sexy always ;)

Ha Candy - Some men are intimidated by beautiful women, are guys afraid to approach you?

Shkendije Mujaj - Yes some men are afraid to approach strong and very independent women. I feel that

Ha Candy - Are you working on any new music right now?

Shkendije Mujaj - Yes I'm working on 3 projects, the first one is in Albanien and the other 2 is English House Music ;)

Ha Candy - What advice can you give young girls pursuing a singing career?

Shkendije Mujaj - Always stay strong and continue working to make your dream a reality. Learn to fight and respect yourself in what you're doing. Don't let people change your vision of your artistic feeling. Everybody has a different soul, learn to explain to the people which one is yours ;)

Ha Candy - Thanks Shkendije for your time, any last words to our viewers?

Shkendije Mujaj - Thank you my dear, it's a pleasure for me to be part of Ha Candy Digital!

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