Hasan's July/August Monthly Treat - Maggie Diaz

Maggie Diaz a.k.a Bella Rose

Being a single mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Having a career while raising children is even tougher. Meet Maggie Diaz a.k.a Bella Rose, a hard working single mom who's priority is providing for her two sons. Maggie is beautiful, smart, career driven and focused on giving her kids the very best. No matter the obstacles, Maggie continues to move forward with determination. So lets welcome Maggie Diaz to Ha Candy Digital, she's making the workplace a little bit sweeter. 

Ha Candy: Welcome Maggie to Ha Candy Digital! How are you?
Maggie Diaz: Thank you for having me, I'm great 

Ha Candy: So where are you from?

Maggie Diaz: Well I was born in Puerto Rico but I reside in New York

Ha Candy: Looking at your pics, one would assume you were a model, video vixen or something like that. You're not at all, tell our readers what you do for a living…

Maggie Diaz: No I'm no model,video vixen or anything of that nature. I'm actually a public safety officer in the Bronx.

Ha Candy: That's amazing! Is being a public safety officer a stressful job?

Maggie Diaz: Yes! Lol it consists of dealing with the public (craziness) you definitely have to have a thick skin, you always have to be on your toes and aware of everything around you but overall it is an exciting job there's pros and cons to it but of course I enjoy what I do...

Ha Candy: What made you choose this profession?

Maggie Diaz: I needed a change from the medical/health care field.
 I've been a medical assistant, dental assistant, physical therapy assistant, home health aide, receptionist, office manager etc... but nothing kept my attention. These jobs became boring very fast. It was dull and lacked excitement. Until I became a public safety officer! The randomness and excitement of it all keeps me interested.

Ha Candy: You're also a mother of two, is it tough being a mom with a career?
Maggie Diaz: Yes it's extremely hard especially having 5 year old twins.... I Don't have much of a social life and it is by CHOICE. I'm a mother first before anything but juggling both can be a challenge and overwhelming at times, but what I can say is it's truly a blessing and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Ha Candy: You are very beautiful, you must get approached a lot. Tell us one of the craziest pick up lines you've heard lol.

Maggie Diaz: Yes I do get approached a lot. My goodness, the worst pick up line I think I've heard was "Your so beautiful can I please clone you" 

Ha Candy: What do you look for in a man?

Maggie Diaz: What do look I for in a man.... Stability is def the main thing... A man doesn't have to have the most expensive, extravagant things but as long as he has all his ducks in a row and is secure in his life then I'm all for it ... I look for a man that is driven , ambitious knows what he wants in life... A man that always wants to move forward and better himself... And of course a man that treats his mom like a queen because hey lets face it how he treats his mom is the way he will treat you.

Ha Candy: Being a mother of twins & having a career is very time consuming. What do you do to relax?
Maggie Diaz: Don't laugh (lol) I take selfies! Or take pictures of anything that catches my eye.... Photography is definitely one of my hobbies. It is something I'm passionate about and I enjoy doing it. It gives me a sense of calmness and it actually puts me in a whole other world where everything becomes a blur and zoned out. I call moments like that my "Happy Place." And if I'm not doing that then I'm listening to music just writing my thoughts into poetry.

Ha Candy: As beautiful as you are, do people take you seriously in your profession?
Maggie Diaz: Unfortunately No, until they see me upset..... sad but true!

Ha Candy: We're heavy into music here at Ha Candy Digital, who's your favorite artist right now?

Maggie Diaz: My favorite artist most definitely is the one and only K. Michelle.

Ha Candy: Well Maggie we applaud you and all the working mothers out there. I know it isn't easy but you make it work. Do you have any advice for the young moms out there who think they can't do it?

Maggie Diaz: Yes my word of advice is : don't EVER give up be a role model for your child or children.. Your children will be a reflection of you x10. Do anything and everything for your children, go over and beyond your limits and I guarantee you will have a successful young man/young woman and you will be proud of the accomplishments because you'll  know all your hard work, sweat, tears paid off... Never let failure be an option!

Ha Candy: Thanks for being a part of Ha Candy Digital, any shout outs?

Maggie Diaz: I would like to give a shout out to ALL single, working mothers who refuse to become a statistic and do better for themselves and their children...We Winning!!!

Maggie Diaz a.k.a Bella Rose