Hasan's September/October Treat - Victoria Lomba

Victoria Lomba

Victoria Lomba is one of the most popular fitness models in the world. This gorgeous globetrotter of Spanish-Brazilian origins has become one of the best-paid and most engaged fitness stars. She committed herself to serious gym sessions fifteen years ago. Since at that time it was still quite unusual for a girl to work out so much, she became very intriguing for authorities in the fitness industry. Thanks to her natural beauty, she achieved her initial success very fast and soon moved to the USA. But it was not until the Internet became a powerful medium that she reached international stardom. Fitness is something you have to be able to see and observe. With the emergence of Social Media, Victoria was suddenly able post unlimited personal, professional & competitions photos online. The result were outstanding. Victoria’s Facebook page became one of the most visited of all fitness stars’ pages. Victoria is focused, she's beautiful and now she's Hasan's Monthly Treat.

Ha Candy - Hey Victoria, welcome to Ha Candy! How are you?
Victoria Lomba - Hi, thank you very much for this great opportunity. I'm very happy to be on this great publishing, I want to thank you for this interview for all fans of Ha Candy

Ha Candy - You are in incredible shape, do you work out everyday?
Victoria Lomba - I am a Professional Fitness Model , this is my job and I try to stay in shape all year, and I have several sponsors have to be in shape to shoot anytime! I like to stay fit, eat healthy and take care of my body. My body is my work tool and I take this very seriously.

Ha Candy - "Queen of Fitness" is a great name for you. Besides working out, do you play any sports?
Victoria Lomba - Fitness is my passion, but at the end it is also a job. I have to work everyday in the gym, it does not matter if I'm sick or depressed, every day hard workout to keep fit. There are other sports on all extreme sports, I love all sports irrigation, Rafting, Canyoning, Bungee jumping and climbing! I also have my own business, Adventure Sports.

Ha Candy - Where are you from?
Victoria Lomba - My mother is Spanish and my father is Brazilian. I live part of the year in Spain and many months in Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. This year 2014 , I will definitely be moving to Mexico City, to continue with my business and be closer to the United States.

Ha Candy - You are very beautiful, are guys intimidated by you?
Victoria Lomba - Not at all, I have many years of posting videos and sexy photos on the internet. I am very used to dealing with kids, they adore me and respect me too. Everything is a very nice game!

Ha Candy - I heard you are a personal trainer as well, is it harder to train men or women?
Victoria Lomba - I do not personally train anyone, all my programs are online. In the case of girls it is easier for me, I understand them and can help quickly. The boys want to be strong and large in a short time and have no patience, this is a race to the bottom and it takes many years to get in professional physical shape.

Ha Candy - We came across your Facebook page & your photos are hot! Have you ever modeled professionally?
Victoria Lomba - I worked for the best photographers in the world, in cities like Florence, Italy, Madrid, Ibiza, Canary Islands in Spain, Paris France, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NY and Miami. My photos were published in journals in Australia. I have worked for all kinds of brands like Harley Davidson, etc. My photos were published in Playboy, FHM, Interviu, IRONMAN MAGAZINE and many more sites. I was winning a competition for television called Summer Top Girl and that threw me to fame in my country.

Ha Candy - What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?
Victoria Lomba - Definitely my ass is what they like, the boys and the girls too! For me personally, my eyes are sweet like me! But that's where almost no one looks!

Ha Candy - We know you practice a healthy living, but do you give yourself a cheat day? A day where u eat something you really shouldn't lol
Victoria Lomba - Well I love Italian and Mexican food. I like food very spicy and very strong but again, I almost never go out of my diet

Ha Candy - What do you like to do for fun?
Victoria Lomba - I like going for a walk, take long walks and little else. I do not usually go out rarely, certainly what I like is a great day at the beach. I like the sun and the warm water of Miami!

Ha Candy - Tell us something about yourself that no one knows...
Victoria Lomba - Many people do not know I have a big family. I'm a mother of three beautiful daughters. All my work, all my effort is dedicated to my family!

Ha Candy - If you were a piece of candy, what would you be?
Victoria Lomba - Seria candy, my best is inside. You have to remove the wrapping to see my best. My best is almost never seen, it's my heart!

Ha Candy - Well I want to thank you for taking the time to sit down with us, you are definitely an inspiration. We wish you nothing but success. Any final words?
Victoria Lomba - I want to thank you for this opportunity and also invite the fans to visit my official page on Facebook. Follow me at - https://www.facebook.com/TopsFemalesFitnessModels
Xoxo Victoria Lomba