Hasan's March/April Treat - Gerina Di Marco

Gerina Di Marco

Meet Gerina Di Marco. Gerina is a natural born singer.  A mountain of talent  that drives waves of emotion into her music, a songwriter that creates meaningful  lyrics, and a powerful vocalist that spills tons of attitude and passion into her music. See her perform live once & you will be hooked.  With her eye-catching looks and her spontaneous  dancing, Gerina has had a multitude of experience performing hundreds of shows. Gerina is already an accomplished songwriter, having co-written a #1 Hit on the Latin Billboard Charts earning her songwriting skills honors at the BMI Latin Awards.  With a very diverse background, Gerina brings a special talent to the stage as well as to her songwriting. She comes with songs in both English & Spanish, ready to demonstrate her ability to cross over between both genres of music. More recently, Gerina has  focused on creating lyrics with an edge and a sound that pairs well with her powerful voice. She's determined, she's focused and she's now our Ha Candy Monthly Treat...

Ha Candy - Gerina welcome to Ha Candy Digital! How are you?
Gerina -  Hello there! I'm doing great! Happy to be here with you guys!

Ha Candy - Where are you from?
Gerina -    I was born in Caracas, Venezuela.

Ha Candy - We know you're a songwriter & artist, tell our readers about your musical style...
Gerina -    I grew up under the influence of so many different styles of music, that when I'm creating my own music now? I like to blend sounds and mix different styles.. I think it's all about meaningful lyrics accompanied by great melodies.. I want my listeners to feel something! If I can do that? I have done my job.

Ha Candy - If you had to compare your sound to anyone, who would it be?
Gerina -    i really don't like to compare myself to anyone... but some people compare me to Shakira, Taylor Swift, Pink, the Cranberries..  

Ha Candy - You are very beautiful. What's your nationality?
Gerina -     Thank you! :) I'm half Venezuelan half Italian..

Ha Candy - It must be hard walking down the street without constantly being approached by guys. Is that flattering or annoying?
Gerina -  It can be both.. but I chose to see it as flattering.. If someone is giving you a compliment? why not take it and smile back and make that person feel appreciate it even if for a second.. You'll be surprised the power of a smile :)

Ha Candy - At what age did you realize you wanted to do music?
Gerina -    All my life!! Since I was 5.. I would be singing, holding a hair brush in my hand pretending it was a microphone..jaja  I knew then what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.. I did TV commercials back in Venezuela, I was in the venezuelan version of "Star Search" where I won for multiple weeks.. I've always known I wanted to sing and travel the world... and let my music guide the way...

Ha Candy - What advice can you give to the young artists out there trying to make it?
Gerina -  My advise would be.. if you wanna be in the music industry? Make sure your hustling skills are as good as your singing, writing, performing skills.. Music can be so political..All about who you know.. If you don't network, get out there, and hustle? You might never see any results. Develop your craft, zone in to what makes you you and then don't wait for anyone to come do it for you.. be creative! we live in a world where if you want something bad enough? You can make it happen! ;)

Ha Candy - Artist or songwriter? If you could only choose one, which would it be?
Gerina -  As a songwriter I let my mind speak... As an artist I let my heart speak.. tell me how do you pick?

Ha Candy - Who's your favorite artist out right now and why?
Gerina -    I like Sia.. I like her story.. I can relate to being a songwriter waiting for your break to make it as an artist.. you hear passion in her music..

Ha Candy - Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Gerina -   In 10 years?? I see myself working on a project that is too soon to talk about but when the time comes? it's gonna be my number one priority.. Something I've been really looking forward to getting myself into but I'm hoping my music will allow me to accomplish both ;)

Ha Candy - Thanks for hanging with us, we wish you much success and happiness. Any shout outs?
Gerina -  Thank you guys for having me, make sure you add me on IG @gerinamusic  to check out my music or for booking live performances go to  www.gerinamusic.com or www.soundcloud.com/gerinamusic